Beautifully Tanned Brides

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Wedding time is when people go totally out of the way to see that every small detail is worked out perfectly. Everyone want the most excellent wedding dress, great family and friends, delicious food, a wonderful location and smooth moving wedding ceremony followed with a marvelous reception. It is the dream day of your life and the foremost thing is that, you got to look astonishingly beautiful for it. This is one day you will cherish for the rest of your life.

It is better to start taking care of your looks weeks before the occasion arrives. This is the main reason why many brides-to-be, start visiting beauty salons and tanning salons regularly. Adding some color to your skin will surely make you look marvelous.

In order to get the right tan for the big day you can either go in for natural tanning under the sun or indoor tanning in salons or even for a spray tan. Whatever you do, there is always the risk of something going wrong as there is the possibility of getting bad sunburns or an uneven tan. If so then you should be able to give your skin enough time to recover before the wedding day.

Therefore, it is very important that you take extra care and start preparing for the tan well ahead of the big day. A last minute rush to tan yourself will only lead to over exposure of your skin to the harmful UV and UVB rays.

You are generally advised to start the tanning process almost six months before the wedding day. This will help you get a glowing golden tan and it is also playing safe, if something goes wrong, like a sunburn or rash. If you have the time then you should invest it for properly tanning your skin as you would devote it for other details of the big day. Many brides do not give tanning enough importance and start tanning only 2-3 weeks before the occasion.

This can be risky in case of any tanning injury. Another problem with late starters is that they might not be able to achieve the color they desire because of the lack of time. There is also the possibility of an unevenly tanned skin because of the shortage of time and in case your tanning lines show in the photographs it will ruin the whole effect of a perfect picture.

Many people might prefer outdoor tanning under the sun, using lotions which protect the skin and also help it get some color. But this is not possible in summers as the hot sun will damage your skin and even if the occasion was scheduled for winter, the lack of sunlight and the cold weather will not allow natural tanning.

Indoor tanning salons offer a great alternative with their comfortable tanning beds. Here you will be able to get the perfectly even tan at any time of the year and make your wedding big day even more beautiful.

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