Beauty Tips for Women Over 40

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As we women age, the old say of "less is more" is very true. Fine lines and dry skin can cause your old liquid makeup to make you look older than necessary. Improperly applied makeup and poorly chosen colors can and will age you. It's very important to take care of your skin at any age, but if you're over 40 you have some special considerations. If you haven't looked in your makeup drawer for a while you might want to take want to do a makeup checkup.

Throw out old make up. If you've had your make up for a really long time it might have bacteria in it and cause skin infections and break outs. The standard rule of thumb for makeup depends on what kind it is but liquids usually last about six months, lipsticks three months, mascara three months, mineral makeup can last 6 months or longer depending on the ingredients. Read the labels and ensure that your products have no change in color, odor or change in
consistency. If they do, throw them out. Its easier to replace your makeup than it is to cover up blemishes caused by old makeup.

Change your colors. If you've been using the same shades for a long time it might be time to change your colors. Styles change but so does your hair color and skin color. What looked good on you twenty years ago might look harsh or garish now. Today you can buy kits that allow for experimentation so don't be afraid to try out new shades.

Skin care first. Taking care of your skin includes eating nutritious vitamin-rich natural foods as well as what you put on your skin. Using natural skincare is best because there is less chance to use a chemical that can cause breakouts and other skin problems.Skin care is by far more important to your makeup looking good than almost any other factor.

Go lighter.When you're over 40 it's better to use lighter more natural looking foundations and shades. In fact, the more naturally you can apply your makeup the younger you will look. Makeup can enhance your natural beauty when it's light, airy and not harsh. Mineral makeup can help with this lighter natural look.

Concealer is your friend. Using a shade of concealer that matches your foundation, which should match your skin tone as perfectly as possible will make you look amazing and get rid of dark circles and even puffiness. Put it on under your foundation, if you use mineral makeup, or after you apply liquid foundation, for the perfect finish.

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