Better Skin With Three Simple Skincare Tips

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Skincare is a subject that confuses and baffles those of all
ages and walks of life. From acne-prone teenagers to
wrinkle-prone adults, and everywhere in between: a skincare
regimen never rests. But with the buzz surrounding skincare,
there are three basic tips that one needs to follow to ensure a
spic-and-span complexion.

Step One to Better Skin: Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the process of removing oils, dirt, and dead skin cells from one's face. This leaves a fresh layer of skinthat is both vibrant and radiant. Depending on how expensive one would like to go, there are several levels of exfoliation one can achieve.

In cheaper exfoliation scrubs, the beads present in the scrub
may be of lesser quality. This may cause redness, small tears in
the skin, and irritation. More expensive scrubs feature refined
beads that do the job with more precision and less irritation.

For those who take their skincare more seriously, chemical
peels can do a much more efficient job- albeit at a higher
price. Chemical peels are generally done less often, as compared
to daily facial scrubs. In that sense, they are also more
efficient- as some only are required on a monthly basis.

Step Two to Better Skin: Cleansing

Cleansers act much like the exfoliation process, although they
act to do so in a much more gentle process. Skin cleansers also
typically include some ingredients, such as Salycic Acid, seeks
to help prevent blemishes and blackheads that are associated
with teenage acne.

Cleansers may also attempt to balance the oil levels of one's
skin to ensure the best complexion. This requires that the skin
type be known- whether it be oily, combination, dry, or anywhere
in between. Only then can a proper cleanser be obtained to help
balance oil levels on one's face.

Step Three to Better Skin: Moisturizing

Lastly, we have the often forgotten part of skincare:
moisturizing. Moisturizers will help lock in water into the
skin- giving it the natural glow and radiance that is so sought
after. Moisturizers should be selected carefully, however, as
some comedogenic lotions will make acne worse. In this case,
look for a non-comedogenic moisturizer to get the best of both

Moisturizers also commonly come with sun blocking reagents, so
as to help block skin from harmful ultraviolet rays that
catalyze the process of aging and skin damage. In extreme cases
of sunburn, one's skin may become extremely damaged and wrinkly
as a result- for this reason, daily use of moisturizers are a
big plus to maturing skin types.

Other Benefits and Routines That Aid Skincare Regiments

Skincare isn't all about physical interaction with one's face.
In fact, drinking plenty of water each day is sometimes more
important than moisturizing or cleansing the skin altogether.
Sleep, in the same way, can affect one's skin- and lack thereof
can produce bags under one's eyes. (Something that has become
more apparent in today's world of decreased average sleep each

Keeping the three steps in mind will ensure a life-long
satisfaction with one's complexion. Some disorders and ailments
do require the aid of a dermatologist, although even in these
cases a good cleansing routine may help reverse the condition.
Also attempt to get increased bouts of sleep, taking naps if you
have to- and drink plenty of water where possible, staying away
from sodas and energy drinks. (Eight glasses of water a day will
keep the dermatologist away, after all!)

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