Weight Loss - 5 Tips To Eat More And Lose More

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Want to lose more weight? It's easy. Eat more. In this article we'll discuss five tips which ensure that you start losing weight, and keep on losing, while staying healthy, and getting fit and strong. If you're suffering medical challenges at the moment, or haven't had a physical in the past three months, see your doctor first, before you start exercising. Forget regimented diets, and just use these tips as your weight loss plan. Here are the five tips:

1. Eat five small meals a day Eating often and well is vital when you're dieting. When you eat, your metabolism increases, and you've got plenty of energy for your daily life, and for exercise too. One way to estimate whether you're eating enough is to work out how much energy you have. If you bounce out of bed in the morning, looking forward to your day, AND look forward to exercising, you're eating enough and you're eating the right kinds of food too. If you feel exhausted, you're not eating enough; or you're eating the wrong kinds of food for you. Your food journal helps you to discover what the right kinds of food for you are - see tip # 5.

2. Exercise daily: work up a sweat Forget the gym - unless you love it. Walking is great exercise. Walk briskly each day. Start with ten minutes, then work your way up to half an hour. Aim to vary the terrain - walk uphill for at least part of your daily walk. At the end of your walk, you should be sweating. However, you shouldn't be so exhausted that you can't hold a normal conversation. Initially, you may need to force yourself to put on your walking shoes. Within a few weeks, walking will become necessary to you. You'll look forward to your walks as the best time of your day.

3. Drink plenty of water Water lubricates your body's processes. It's essential, so drink plenty of water, right throughout the day. Drink a glass of water before meals. If you feel hungry, and you're not due to eat for another hour or two, drink a glass of water. If you're still hungry 15 minutes later, have a small snack, you obviously need it.

4. Eat more protein Eat some protein at each meal. Protein, whether vegetable-based, or fish or meat, keeps your metabolism humming and gives you energy.

5. Keep a food journal - how do you feel 90 minutes after a meal? Your body will tell you which foods energize you, and which deplete you. So keep a food journal. In your journal, write down: * Every meal, and exactly what you ate; * How you feel - are you tired? Depressed? Happy? Energetic? * Write down any challenges you face. (Often we eat for comfort, or to beat boredom. When you write down what's on your mind, you'll soon see whether a problem triggers cravings, or the desire to eat out of boredom.) * Write down how you feel 90 minutes after your last meal - if you have energy, you're eating the right kinds of food for you. A lack of energy indicates that you should change what you're eating. (See a nutritionist if you're in doubt.)

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