Wrinkle Reduction - How to Get Rid of Face Wrinkles Naturally

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Given the chance, what would you prefer when you get rid your face wrinkles: being naturally fit and handsome and gorgeous or being improved by cosmetics and cosmetic surgeries? Well, just given the chance, many people would prefer being fit and good looking in a natural way.

The problem, however, is that we take less time to attend to our bodily needs. We prefer quick fixes because we have less patience with the rigid skin care program and regiment required of us. We do not want to spend more time looking for and scrutinizing every label and ingredient of different skin care creams and lotions available in the market. Nor do we like doing extra research on foods rich in various essential nutrients and elements. Our fast pace of daily life is partly to blame. The demands of work and business means lesser available time doing all the stuff.

How is a wrinkle developed?

As a necessary consequence of aging, we begin to develop wrinkles. Our skin starts to sag. This is largely because of the natural loss of collagen bundles present underneath the skin. Collagen is a special type of protein that is mainly responsible for giving cellular structure. The collagen cells gather together to form collagen bundles and, together with elastin, leads to firm and elastic skin structure. Lose them substantially and you begin to experience the signs of aging.

We develop wrinkles on our faces because our skin can no longer retain as many moisture as it has used to. There are many factors that contribute to the dryness of the skin. Smoking, too much exposure to direct sunlight and poor hydration are some of the main culprits. Extended exposure to direct ultra-violet rays of the sun results to damaged skin cells. Collagen loss also leads to reduced performance of the dermis, the middle layer of the skin, in retaining moisture. Habitual facial expressions, such as frowning, ultimately lead to premature formation of wrinkle lines along the forehead and other parts of the face. Improper diet, lack of sleep and lack of regular exercise are some of the other leading causes.

Our face is the most easily recognizable part of our body. It is essential in our daily personal interaction with everyone we meet. Worse, our face usually is the one that betrays our "advancing" age easily. Many people are so worried with their growing facial wrinkles that they fail to examine what truly causes them and what other alternative and equally effective methods can be done to address them.

Various cosmetic surgical methods were developed and are continuously designed to enhance further their effectiveness. However precise and sophisticated they may be, a large sector of the medical community is getting wary because of the various side effects resulting from those surgical procedures. Inflammation, infection and irritation, including the relatively long recovery period, are some of the causes of concerns. Surgical procedures are not permanent. People need to routinely undergo the same procedures several times a year, aside from the relatively expensive cost. Let us find out what other methods had been proven to be equally effective.

1. Stop smoking. Aside from containing lots of carcinogenic substances, smoking also causes your skin to loss lots of moisture. Moisture is necessary for the lubrication and elasticity of the skin layers.

2. Avoid direct sunlight. Early morning sun is good for the synthesis of vitamin D, an essential nutrient used mainly for bone development. But directly exposing your skin to sun for an extended period will cause damage. If not avoidable, use gentle and all-natural moisturizers.

3. Rehydrate. Drink plenty of water, especially during hot weather. Experts recommend an average of 8 glasses per day for a normal person.

4. Buy some flaxseed oil. This is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is essential for skin and tissue lubrication.

5. Avoid alcohol. Alcohol causes dehydration and contributes to the rapid accumulation of toxins. Drink red wine instead. It contains lots of anti-oxidants.

6. Take care of your dental health. Together with the jaw bone, your teeth provide the structure that holds the skin in place.

7. Eat foods rich in anti-oxidants. Fruits and vegetables with bright and dark colors are abundant in anti-oxidants which fight the free radicals in the body.

8. Use only all-natural ingredients for your skin care products. Watch out for those harmful chemicals used by many manufactures. Instead of doing any good, they do more harm.

You can put this into test right away. You will then be a step away from getting rid of your face wrinkles.

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