How to Choose Educational Toys For Toddlers

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When it comes to learning toys, there are more products out there on the market than you can shake a rattle at. More and more we are learning just how quickly babies and toddlers learn, and how much they can absorb. You want to pick something that is not only educational, but will also grow with your child. Just make sure that you are aware of the basic safety precautions regarding small parts, durability, and age limitations. Read all instructions carefully, and if you are getting something from a friend or relative that may be an older toy, make sure everything is lead free. If you are at all concerned, lead test kits are available at most hardware stores.

With that in mind they are many different choices of brands out there. For hands on playing and learning, Little Tykes, Play School, and Fisher Price are at the top of the list. For fun interactive learning, Vtech is possibly the most versatile, expandable and easiest to use.

Building toys are one of the most popular learning adventures. There are many different kinds of building toys, and come in a wide variety of materials. Wooden blocks, a tradition in many households, are now made much more safely using a variety of plastics. Not only are these non toxic, because they are plastic, they can be hand washed and easily sanitized. These classics teach a wide range of quality things, eye hand coordination, shape recognition, and creative thinking are just a few.

Activity centers are very popular for small children. These are basically a combined assortment of things relating to sight, touch, and hearing. Many are brightly colored and keep your kids entertained for hours on end. Other activity centers can teach kids about tools, shapes, or even just have fun. You can choose from a wide assortment of play sets, from fairy castles to RC race tracks, and almost anything in between. There are big giant shoes with lots of things to teach about buckling, tying, and snapping stuff together, teaching your kids to fasten their own clothes and shoes.

There are many different video learning products available as well. These combine games with learning like counting games, word association, as well as many other learning tools. Many units expand with your child's learning, and can start out simple, but can perform many more learning adventures. Whether it's teaching basic science, or exploring the stars, these learning tools bring the fun back into learning, and education back in video games, a welcome trend that has become more and more popular lately.

The best thing to do when buying is to compare prices. Go to local retailers first so you can see and interact with them first hand. Make sure you read all the instructions, and directions carefully before and as your are putting anything together. Check for any warranty or return policies they may have as well. Then check the selection at online toy stores as many, many times the prices and/or coupons make shopping online a better deal.

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