Alcoholism Self Help – Does it Really Work?

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Alcoholism is one of society’s more rampant problems. It is a condition that everyone is susceptible to fall victim to because it affects not only the person inflicted with the condition but also the people around him. Many of the ones afflicted with the condition are not even aware of it: they think they can control themselves only to find out later that they can’t. This is a sad reality. On top of that, along with the condition comes a dreadful stigma. This is one of the reasons why many people do not seek help. The stigma that comes with alcoholism has many far-reaching repercussions. But all is not lost - alcoholism self help is not totally inutile. The way a person deals with his personal condition can quite possibly solve the problem ultimately. Surely, there are easier and more tested ways of getting help but the commitment that comes with self help, if sustained is essentially the main element that solves the problem.

Alcoholism self help, in theory, is the most effective way of dealing with alcoholism. When you think about it: what can be
more effective than a person resolving within himself to stop drinking? Unfortunately, in practice, this way has proven to be
the least effective. This is because self-help was misguided and contingent. The downfall of this potentially effective, if not
curative, method is the unguided way people go about it. This is because the process seems simple enough: Stop drinking.

They think that if they just stop drinking for a period of time, they would have rid themselves of the condition. This is not the case. We have only seen so many relapses to believe it to be true. But there are ways and techniques that will most effectively help you to stay sober. The choice should not be contingent on anything. The goal should be absolute and the commitment to it unwavering. This is where most alcoholics using self help methods to quit fail. They lose the fight to control the urge the moment something distracts them. It can be anything: a fight with your brother, a disappointment, or even a happy event. If it’s not one thing, it’s the other. The individual will always find a rationalization good enough to convince himself that it is ok to drink “just this once”. This is why one needs to understand the condition before battling with it.

Alcoholism is not a simple condition. This is what we need to understand. It’s not a matter of simply letting go of the bottle. Insight into the condition is the key to effective alcoholism self help. Knowing the difficult point in the battle against alcoholism will give you the opportunity to prepare. Knowing when you are still sick is essential because it tells you that you still need to fight. And, most importantly, knowing when you are finally ready and cured is the best motivation one can have. All these things seem simple enough but are blurred and obfuscated by the condition that’s why it’s so hard to quit. Arm yourself with an adequate comprehension of the disease and fight it until you win.

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