Benefits of Office Plants

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The indoor air of sealed buildings is a health risk. Indoor air in such buildings can contain up to ten times more toxins than outdoor air! Environmental protection Agency (EPA) considers indoor air among top five environmental public health risks. Many everyday office products contain or emit dangerous chemicals which are harmful when inhaled in high concentration. These toxins include viruses from your sick colleagues, airborne mold, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, cleaning chemicals, and other pollutants.

An easy solution is to grow indoor plants. Plants are natural air filters. They absorb airborne pollutants, emit oxygen, reduce common colds, coughs and sore throats, reduce stress, and make your office livelier and aesthetically pleasing.

Ask your local garden store about office plants. Choose green moderate climate plants. Avoid exotic plants, cactus, or tropical plants. Also avoid flowers as your colleagues or yourself my be allergic to the pollen.

Indoor plants clean air, improve health, and improve the environment. They are inexpensive and provide their benefits last for the long term.

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