Dry Mouth Complications

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Everyone has gotten a dry mouth. Complications occur when the problem persists or is not taken care of right away. When not enough saliva is produced, your throat, tongue, lips, and of course, your mouth becomes very dehydrated or parched.

The medical term for this condition is xerostomia. Being parche is just one of the effects that xerostomia causes. Your throat can become very sore, and it becomes hard to swallow because you do not have the lubrication needed.

Your lips get chapped and if not treated, they will crack and bleed. The tongue gets really dehydrated as well, which adds to the dry mouth complications.

Even your teeth and gums become endangered unless you maintain good oral hygiene. So, don’t be shocked when you have to call your dentist a few times to get tips or prescriptions.

You may not realize all of the functions of your saliva, but if you get a severe case of xerostomia, you will quickly find out just how important it is. It protects your teeth from acid erosion, cavities, and other problems such as bad breath and thrush.

Saliva acts as a natural rinse to get rid of bacteria and bad breath. Without saliva putting a protective layer on your teeth and gums, all of the sugars and acids from soda drinks and candies would have free reign over your teeth and gum area. This would lead to all of the other problems mentioned above.

If you have a severe enough case, then it would be best if you consulted with a dentist about the problems. A dentist can help with dry mouth complications by giving you a saliva substitute and other remedies to counter xerostomia.

Dental equipment can turn into a problem as well. If you happen to wear braces, a retainer, dentures, or any other form of dental equipment, then be aware of that so you do not get blisters, irritation, or cuts due to your xerostomia.

A dentist can check the fitting of dentures, give you saliva substitute, or add an adhesive to help keep them in place during eating. Be sure and clean and rinse them off after every meal.

You may have to schedule more dentist appointments because of the equipment. They can give you tips to use at home so you do not have to make all the extra trips for your dry mouth complications.

You can avoid going to the dentist often if you just keep up with the health of your mouth. Just like with dieting, you have to watch what you eat. Soda drinks, candies, and other snack time favorites should be taken very rarely if taken at all.

Drink water as much as possible because it is the best thing for you, and it can fill in for your saliva and rinse your mouth out. Brush and floss on a regular basis, and use mouthwash after meals and in the mornings at least. This will help kill bacteria and prevent serious dry mouth complications.

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