Effects of Exercise on Self-Confidence

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Over the last few years, a lot of emphasis has been put on the issue of exercise and general body health. Statistics on effects of modern lifestyles on general well being are being churned with more alacrity and it is no surprise that many people are now focusing on their health. Traditionally, body exercise was recommended by fitness experts to avoid lifestyle diseases but today, focus is on the effects of exercise on self-confidence. A study by the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology in 2010 pinpointed a direct correlation between exercise and your general self-esteem. If you have been feeling down psychologically lately, then you need to get an insight into this new aspect of body training in order to maximize on the same and improve your well being.
Understanding Self-confidence

Modern society is fraught with daily challenges and you have to make major decisions every now and then. To succeed in doing so, you need self-confidence which according to The Dictionary of Psychology relates to self-assuredness in your personal judgement, ability and power. It is an inherent socio-psychological concept which makes you overcome whatever life throws at you. In today's fast changing world, many factors could diminish your self-confidence and while there are many ways of remedying the situation, many studies indicate regular exercise can help you greatly.

Correlation between Exercise and Self-confidence

The main question in your mind right now is on how this correlation works. According to the study by The National Academy of Health (NAH), your self-confidence is directly linked to self-esteem. When you participate in regular exercises your self-esteem will be greatly enhanced as you achieve better body perception. For example, among the overweight individuals, loss of weight helps them to appreciate their personal will more acutely and this in turn improves their self-confidence in facing life and making huge decisions.

One of the most important effects of exercise on self-confidence is the reduction of stress and anxiety while increasing control of your life. If you lack self-confidence, every moment of your life is littered with indecision which yields stress. Through exercise, this anxiety while making even minor decisions is reduced and you are able to take control because you know the decisions being made are the right ones and the effects will be positive.

Another critical effect of exercising your body regards your brain functioning. Exercising leads to release of endorphins which are hormones responsible for a sense of happiness and well-being in an individual. When in such a state, you are better suited to face other people and even counter any challenges in your day to day life. The Journal of Counselling and Development also adds that endorphins help to reduce stress and depression which are common among people with low self-confidence. Simply put, by pushing your body and getting the desired effect, you achieve a sense of pride and this is one of the most important effects of exercise on self-confidence.

With this hindsight, the whole aspect of body training gains a more fundamental part in your life. In essence, you should prepare an exercise routine with your trainer in order to boost your self-confidence and feel good everyday. If you want to feel more secure, certain in your life, these effects of exercise on self-confidence should spur you into action as there are many experts on exercising focused on creating this effect.

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