Embrace Health, Say No To Smoking

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Most people who have been hooked to smoking fears to gain weight if they ever attempt to quit this addicting habit for good. There have been some cases which showed that a person who had quit smoking, did gain weight. Although certain percentage of quitters have proven that gaining weight is true, it is actually a very minimal weight gain.

The only reason why a smoker should fear gaining weight from the moment he stops smoking is because there is another story to gaining weight and putting one's health at risk. But since nicotine doesn't enter the body anymore, it doesn't prevent the body any longer from its natural appetite for food. A quitter may suddenly feel like he/she could eat more than the usual set of meal in a day. And since there is going to be more food
intake this time, there is also going to be more calories for the body to absorb.

But, there are still some smokers who tend to drop their weight after quitting the habit of smoking. Several reasons and facts as to why smokers (the heavy ones) don't gain weight at all is because first, nicotine is really an appetite suppressant. Second, smoking in a daily basis burns calories and in turn, it causes for a person's metabolism to work even faster. And you wonder why you never gained weight when you used to smoke. Instead of believing what other people say about gaining weight after quitting smoking; you should really focus on the things that you can do to prevent yourself from getting big. And unless you look after what you eat and your food intake, you can
possibly become an overweight person anytime soon.

Several times in a day, you will feel hungry for something you can easily grab and eat. This is the after effect of quitting smoking. Better choose the healthier snacks than the junk ones. If you feel like eating popcorn, choose the one that has lesser fat; yogurt and fresh fruits are a must for everyday snacks and water. Drink lots of water.

Exercising daily is a good follow-up while you are battling your way out of the gaining-weight zone. Make sure also that you have something physical to do always so you won't stay stagnant in one place. Lose calories that you gain and eventually, lose the nicotine addiction completely!

We've all heard it before... that quitting smoking is a very difficult phase in a smoker's life. It does take more than the usual willingness of a person to be able to conquer this
tempting and crucial stage. But all still ends well; especially when your good intentions are purely what you really want to happen. Telling yourself not to smoke is simple; but doing it could take a lot of reconsideration and may trigger for inhibitions to arise.

Most smokers may not realize it, but just minutes after deciding to stop smoking can give a number of health benefits for the body. So, give yourself a favor and start to refuse lighting another cigarette again. If it's necessary, try to stay away as of the moment from friends or people you consider as "smoke-buddies". Not to sound rude, but the early stage of quitting is the most difficult part. It's simply because your craving level is still very high and the moment you see a person smoking may trigger immediately your very strong need to light a cigarette of your own again.

As for the good news, one full day right after you quit smoking; your risk of having a heart attack decreases drastically. If this is the case, just imagine how dangerous it
is for you to continue on your puffing spree. Scary isn't it? Not only that, if mind problems have been your usual problem before, expect to be better at it in just a matter of two days. By simply putting a stop in inhaling nicotine, you give a chance
for your nerve endings to grow again.

You will also notice that within several days after you have stopped smoking, your breathing pattern is improved. Keep up with this pace and you will surely get rid of the temptation of smoking once again. In case you find it difficult, just remember that what you are trying to do is for you and your health. Many, many years from now; when you have given up smoking completely, you will remember the very day why you have decided to stop smoking and there will be no regrets, whatsoever.

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