Is Natural Healing Effective?

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These days natural forms of healing and medicine have evolved into being so much more popular and more of a choice for the health seeker looking for ways to treat maladies.

Perhaps this may be due to the many side-effects associated with most modern day drugs; however it does leave room for the question on whether natural healing is really effective in the first place?

Well, from a guy who previously suffered from marring acne, asthma, lethargy and poor health, I will say natural healing does work, on the condition that it is applied correctly.

Take a look at what I culled up online folks:

An article on the web indicates that in 1997 Americans made 627 million visits to practitioners of alternative medicine and spent $27 billion of their own money to pay for alternative therapies. In contrast, Americans made only 386 million visits to their family doctor.

Admittedly, even though conventional treatment by the medical fraternity does work well in the case of trauma and emergency, surveys are indicating that it is much less effective when it comes to prevention, chronic disease, and in addressing the mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of an individual.

Moreover, the irony about alternative healing may be that it's not so `alternative' after all, but rather the actual basis of the health care system.

Here's an analogy to consider; Ayurvedic medicine uses diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, massage, herbs, and medication and, despite its long lineage, is as applicable today as it was 5000 years ago.

For example, the seeds of the Mucuna pruriens plant have long been used to treat Parkinson's disease in India; it is now receiving attention in conventional circles as it is more effective than l-dopa (the common Parkinson's disease drug) and has fewer side effects

I will say natural healing can be all the more useful when one looks into detoxifying the body and adhering to a proper diet and lifestyle for health as perhaps nothing could be as responsible for disease and maladies as eating unhealthy food substances.

So logic would depict that the cessation of such a practice and a replacement with a healthier and more productive choice is definitely the route to go.

Well, as mentioned earlier, natural healing is gaining grounds in popularity and who knows in a few decades, not using this choice might be seen as the UNCONVENTIONAL approach.

For now, here's to health.

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