Know About the Natural Cure For Asthma

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Asthma is a disease that affects the respiratory system. This disease has become more common nowadays. It happens mainly due to the allergic reactions to one or many allergens. The patient experiences attacks of breathlessness and other times they remain normal. Asthma is rising as a disease due to improper diet that includes processed foods and pollution.

There are a number of natural cure for asthma that are proven to be very effective. These remedies are easily available and give amazing results and a lot of times one just has to go around looking in the kitchen.

A very popular and natural cure for asthma is the apple cider vinegar. This product has been known to be extremely effective for the mass. The remedy also supposedly works quickly and provides relief within one day. Apple cider vinegar must be taken after meal, at bedtime, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with water. It not just controls the symptoms of asthma, but also treats acne, acid reflux and other allergies very well.

The roots of bitter gourd have been around since the ancient times and are an amazing cure for asthma. These roots are made into a paste and should be taken a teaspoon along with honey for a month, to witness the results.

Another home remedy for asthma is garlic that is mostly available in all the kitchens. Boil around 5 to 10 cloves of
garlic with around a cup of milk and take it one time daily. It is an amazing remedy to cure the early stages of asthma. One can also mix two garlic cloves in the ginger tea and have it twice everyday.

Those were the three home remedies to control asthma. One can also modify their diet to control asthma. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains everyday and avoiding fatty foods, sugar, and acidic foods.

Some scientists have investigated asthma and the symptoms and have found that marine phytoplankton could be adequate to reduce the symptoms of asthma in children.

Including marine phytoplankton in our daily diet with a certain dose can aid in reducing the symptoms of asthma, especially in kids. It was revealed in certain investigations that the marine phytoplankton can treat pain of our body and might also treat asthma.

Marine phytoplankton is known to be the foundation of life on earth and without it nothing would be able to survive. As stated by NASA, marine phytoplankton is accountable for producing around 90% of oxygen on earth.

That is the reason why marine phytoplankton could work. They can clean the passageways when taken by a human being. A teaspoon of this wonder drug is all that is required to reduce asthma. This might be the first natural cure for asthma that could work.

A natural treatment for asthma might be in sight. And now the marine phytoplankton can be circulated worldwide and cure most of the patients suffering from this disease. Scientists state that this is an amazing discovery and might work out as a natural cure for the asthmatic.

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