Lose Belly Fat to Avoid Health Issues

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Among the most effective ways to lose belly fat is to keep moving. Belly fat may not just be a problem for overweight people but also of thin people. It may not be as obvious and they may not know it as well but some of those fats may be hidden deep inside the body and may even be found wrapped around some of the body's internal organs. This may be perilous to health when there is too much fat accumulated, whether the person is thin or overweight. The fat in the body is beneficial to an extent. What makes their presence dangerous is where they are found to accumulate. Even if these things are not as visible outwardly, not all fats are similar. These things work differently in different locations and the way they act is the key to determine the kind of problems they are causing a person. People store subcutaneous fats beneath the skin, in the hips, thighs, buttocks, or on the belly; hence they are easier to see. While deeper inside the body visceral fats may be found surrounding the organs like the heart, liver, lungs, intestines, inside the chest, the abdomen, and pelvis.

A lot of people are very conscious about their physique and would like to lose belly fat that is highly visible. Whatever is the person's size, he or she should be concerned about the amount of fat accumulated around the body's organs. These cause much bigger threat than the fats found in the belly. Fats are not mere substances that remain inactive wherever they are. These things are like organs which also emits substances that affect the body. As a case in point, visceral fats function as pads that protect the organs at the same time they emit certain unsafe substances that can be taken in by adjoining organs. Visceral fat secretes substances that can cause insulin resistance and some carcinogenic substances. When fats are accumulated, this could lead to hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia and different types of cancer.

A way to lose belly fat is through cardiovascular exercises and strengthening or resistance training on a regular schedule.
Aerobic exercises are great for burning calories while with weight training make certain that there are rest periods in between sets. Brisk walking and running for an hour can burn hundreds of calories and in turn can diminish belly fat. This does not mean that weight training is not as important. Actually it is necessary to make up for the loss of muscles that come with advancing age and to maintain agility as well as strength. As people get older, the body's metabolism changes as well. There are muscle losses, at the same time fats substitute for body weight. This is the reason why older people have big bellies, begin to develop cellulites on the abdomen and other areas. Therefore, it should be recommended to have a balanced diet and regular exercise routine at the onset so that as you age, these occurrences may not be as perilous to health. It is imperative to improve one's lifestyle and eating habits by maintaining a nutritious and a well balanced diet.

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