Lose Weight With The Lemonade Diet

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Lose Weight With The Lemonade Diet Sandra Kim Leong The lemonade diet has been enjoying a surge in interest since the circulation of photos belonging to the curvaceous and slim Beyonce sometime late last year. It was revealed that Beyonce lost weight for her role in Dreamgirls in a short space of time due to the lemonade diet. Reports also say that a few other stars had also adopted the same diet in order to lose weight fast.

The lemonade diet is also known as the mater cleanser diet as it came from a book,called The Master Cleanser, by Stanley Burroughs. There are also a few variations to its name such as the maple syrup diet or the cayenne pepper diet due to the ingredients that make up the recipe.

The lemonade diet is specifically designed to help you cleanse your body of toxins and not directly a weight loss program. Even the word diet is a misnomer as it is more like a fast. The diet is great for the prevention of digestive diseases and disorders. The reason that this system seems to work so well is because most disease begin in the intestines, which is exactly the area that lemon cleansing targets. It is also a quick way to reduce your weight or control weight gain.

With the lemonade diet, your kidneys and digestive system can be cleansed as will all cells and organs be purified. Any waste and calcifications or hardened areas within the joints and muscles will be flushed out from your body. Pressure upon the nerves, arteries and blood vessels will be alleviated and body fat is also lost during this process. You will find that the elasticity of your skin also improves with this type of diet. Lemon is said to have the natural ability to act as a loosening and cleansing agent.

You can go about the lemonade diet in two different ways. In the first way, you stay on the master cleanse diet for three to five days following a simple lemonade diet recipe for the drink. During this time, you should abstain from eating any foods. Simply combine two tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice with two tablespoons of organic maple syrup (Grade B), and add ten to fourteen ounces of water. Also, add a pinch of cayenne pepper. You should mix the drink just before consuming. Take this drink every two hours.

In the second way, you can also consume this drink in the morning, about three times per month. You can follow a regular healthy diet during this time.

It is important to note that fresh, purified water can also be consumed during either method. Of course, do not expect as much results if you choose this way over the first, since the cleansing will be less intense.

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