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Everyone needs to take a break to relax and revitalize their body and mind. In fact, our ability to think positively or lead a happy and fulfilled life is directly influenced by our state of health and well being. And our health is adversely affected when we are stressed daily by different kinds of demands and circumstances. That is why it is very important for all of us, from the blue collar worker in the factory to the business executive, to take time out regularly to relax and rejuvenate ourselves.

One of the best places to go and enjoy full relaxation is a health retreat and spa. But how do you know the best place to get your much needed tune-up? Here are 5 of the best health retreats from different continents of the world.

Zermatt Wellness Center at Backstage Hotel, Vernissage, Switzerland

This unique wellness facility was designed with inspiration, from the biblical story of creation, in the book of Genesis. It is located in the Swiss Alps. The designer/architect, Heinz Julen, crafted an stunning narrative spa experience that has 7 rooms, modeled after the 7 days of creation. Each room is called a therapy cube. These cubes have both visual and visceral components that use lights, images and even temperatures and sensations to cleanse and rejuvenate the soul and body. One of the rooms has a sauna with a lot of flora and aromatic lavender that cleanses the body's respiratory tract. This functions as a good treatment for insomnia and pain. There is also a room with heat therapy that is used to treat joint pain, high blood pressure, asthma and anxiety. In addition, you can enjoy excellent luxurious accommodation and nutritious healthy meals in this wellness center.

Canyon Ranch, Miami Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

The Canyon Ranch is a spectacular blend of unique ocean views and luxurious accommodations with a 70,000 sq. foot health resort and spa. At this facility, you have access to an unlimited amount of rejuvenating activities. The pampering is exceptional. Some of the outstanding facilities include: indulgent massages and facials, a European style thermal suite, with a rooftop hydro spa, an experiential rains room and an herbal laconium. You can even engage in outdoor fitness activities like rock climbing. There are also services such as private consultations on stress management, prevention of diseases, weight loss and healthy nutrition.

Bali Golden Rock Retreat

Bali has a long standing reputation as a treasured destination for rejuvenation seekers. It's landscapes are stress-relieving. There are several tourist enclaves and some unique health-living sanctuaries like the Golden Rock. With a refreshing view of a beautiful beach overlooking a bay, this healing center has several carefully designed programs to help you re-energize your soul. There are 4 beach-front accommodations that offer a very soothing environment for meditation, yoga and more. You can also experience the unique Bali lifestyle by taking an outing with an experienced fisherman or attending ceremonies in the village of Amed. In addition to deep cleansing which is the retreats specialty, you can also get herbal steam and infrared saunas, massage treatments and bio-magnetic therapies.

On Track Retreats, Australia

This is commonly referred to as Australia's no. 1 weight loss retreat. You have the opportunity to choose from four stunningly designed locations: Queensland, NSW, Victoria and WA. At each location, you can exercise at your preferred pace, and eat healthy, delicious and highly nutritious meals. This health and fitness center is a unique weight loss, lifestyle and fitness camp for adults of all sizes and levels of fitness. When you spend just 2 weeks in this fitness center you will learn to break off old negative habits, and begin a healthy lifestyle that will result in total transformation of your body and soul. You will have access to some of the nation's best psychologists, personal trainers and nutritionists. They will help you get your desired results quickly and safely.

California Health and Longevity Institute (CHLI), California, U.S.A.

This world-class spa is situated at Westlake Village in the northwestern part of Los Angeles. The institute is a leader in science based lifestyle rejuvenation. There is a fully equipped medical facility with diagnostic testing and medical assessments. First, you will be attended to by a lifestyle consultant, who will help you to devise a personal health strategy to accomplish your fitness and rejuvenation goals. Then you will receive counsel from a team of health professionals including: healthy-living chefs, physiotherapists, experts in stress management, fitness trainers, dieticians and medical doctors. In addition to this world class medical facility, you can enjoy exceptional luxury at the Four Seasons Hotel, adjacent to this facility. All the other regular spa treatments such as multi-therapy massages, water activities and skin care treatments are available on this scenic 40,000 square foot spa facility.

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