Seven Tips to Improve Sleep and Work Productivity

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We may not always realize that our lack of sleep can possibly be affecting our performance at work, but not getting a night of good rest can seriously affect our attitude and willingness to put in the effort at our jobs. Here are some tips to help us avoid insomnia, and make us feel ready to start the day when we head to the job.

1) Avoid the caffeine overhaul. This has become such an overused replacement for energy and stamina throughout the work day, but what it actually does is magnify all of the most negative aspects of suffering from insomnia. Not only will you feel burnt out after a few hours, but your mind will be stimulated without having that attention span that only a good night of sleep can bring. Furthermore, you will feel cranky after a night of restlessness, and caffeine will worsen this, and have you feeling moody all day.

2) Use caution with self-medicating. While you may want that instant gratification of drowsiness if you are battling insomnia, many of these pills can be harmful to you in the long run. You can become highly addicted to the chemicals, and over time, they will lose their effectiveness, leaving you with an even worse battle with restlessness.

3) Avoid excessive physical activity right before bedtime. While exercising regularly can be a great way to keep your body on track and keep you healthy, it is never a good idea to do a heavy workout routine at night. This will get your adrenaline going and will allow your body to be on the go, taking it longer to shut down and finally feel sleepy.

4) Cut out the night time snacking. Similar to exercising at night, when you snack before bedtime, your body is still going to be 'on'. As a result, the digestion process takes a long time, forcing your body to process the food, and taking a long time for it to finally feel calm enough to drift off to sleep. Also, a full belly can make for an uncomfortable night and can certainly cause trouble sleeping.

5) Eliminate the power naps during the day. If you are sleeping properly at night, there is really no need for a nap during the day. This is very confusing to the mind, because it disrupts the natural sleep cycle, keeping you up later at night. This will lead to you feeling extremely groggy in the morning, and this pattern (or lack of) will continue until you sleep the night through.

6) Try some aromatherapy at bedtime. Not only will pleasant scents on your linens help you to drift off to sleep gently, but it will also improve your mood. When you wake up in the morning, you will feel energized and ready to start the day.

7) Change the attitude you have about your bedroom. The bedroom should be a sanctuary, and you should train yourself to think of it only as a place where you sleep. If you constantly do your work or eat in bed, it is confusing to the subconscious mind when you finally do want to lie down at bedtime. Now, go get some rest!

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