Stomach Dangers Being Ignored!

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The FDA just made it official: PPI (proton pump inhibitor) medication, one of the most popular drugs on the market, could be more dangerous than we thought.

I would bet that if you know any people, you know someone who is taking a PPI. Nexium, Prilosec, Prevasid, etc… These heartburn and acid reflux drugs often provide relief, but that relief can cost a patient a very steep price in the form of increased health risks and possible heart failure.

These mediations shut down some of the stomach’s acid producing pumps, which may seem like a great idea if you suffer from heartburn or acid reflux, but in reality is a dangerous way to control those conditions.


First; Contrary to what you are told or believe, stomach acids are not there to make your life miserable they're very essential for digesting food and when stopped producing digestion suffers.

Second; Stomach acids perform other important tasks, such as protecting your stomach from C-diff (Clostridium difficile), a bacterium that can trigger severe digestive inflammation and diarrhea as well as other bacteria.

Stomach acid is actually your friend not your enemy!

PPI medications have become the enemy! Some time back the FDA added a warning that hypomagnesemia (a dangerous magnesium deficiency) may occur in patients who take PPI drugs daily for three months to one year. This mineral is absolutely necessary for your heart to function!

The warning only addresses the extremes. That is: extreme use of the drug and extreme magnesium deficiency, when in actuality any use of more than 7 days is a danger.

If you read the insert accompanying the prescription it tells you that the product should not be used longer than 7 days. The drug companies know what will happen!

But the FDA isn't admitting; Hypomagnesemia doesn't develop overnight. They are saying, eight months of PPI use, your magnesium level doesn't suddenly drop off the table. WRONG!

This is a HUGE issue for every PPI user, because even a gradual or small drop in your magnesium level can have negative health consequences.

Magnesium helps heart muscles relax, reduces blood pressure, helps control homocysteine, reduces risk of cognitive decline, essential in growing healthy bones and plays a key role in healthy DNA production.

Magnesium also helps maintain normal insulin levels. Deplete magnesium levels and you lose one of your key defenses against type 2 diabetes.

Please share this e-mail with anyone you know who suffers from chronic heartburn or acid reflux -- because chances are they're on a PPI (or will be given one soon). And they need a GENUINE warning about the true risks of depleted mineral levels.

But PPIs are not the only option. There are safe alternatives that don't put you at risk for more serious issues down the road. Read Your Amazing Ecosystem to further learn about the needs and how it affects your Immune System.

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