The Omissions That Can Make You Sick!

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Sadly the medical world is missing out on teaching true health and illness prevention… The worst part not being told is the a balance of minerals are totally necessary for a healthy life. Nobody is telling the world that minerals are necessary for the formation of blood and bone, body fluids, cellular growth and healing, energy, muscle tone, and nerve function. Minerals are vital in the body’s absorption, function and effectiveness of certain vitamins. If minerals are not present in the proper proportion, then vitamins & foods are not sufficiently absorbed.

Even though information exists proving that minerals cannot be found in sufficient quantity in our food stuffs that are required in order to absorb our vitamins and nutrients, it still isn't being taught to our physicians and health care personnel! Read

Ommission #1. The body must maintain an adequate mineral supply to maintain a balance between internal and external pressures of the body cells called "osmotic equilibrium." This state must be maintained for normal cell function and continued youthful health. The body does not absorb Pill/rock minerals and only assimilates about 1% into your system, making it imperative to take ocean/sea based minerals for 99.9% absorption!

Ommission #2. All nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, sugars, oil, etc., require minerals for activity. All bodily processes depend upon the action of minerals to work properly.

Ommission #3. Trace minerals are more important in nutrition than vitamins. Vitamins can be synthesized by living matter - minerals cannot.

Ommission #4. Vitamins are required for every biochemical activity of the body but, Vitamins cannot function unless minerals are present.

Ommission #5. Minerals are what make enzyme functions possible. Minerals combine with enzymes into an alkaline detoxifying agent that neutralizes the acid metabolic by-products of the cells and other toxic conditions within the body and prepares them for elimination.

Omission #6. Glandular hormonal secretion is dependent upon mineral stimulation, which is insufficient to non-existent without minerals to balance, hence the upsurge of PMS and early menopause in women and Prostate cancer and other cancers in men.

Omission #7. The acid-alkaline balance (pH) of tissue fluid is controlled by minerals.

Omission #8. All elements work together as a collective whole. If there is a shortage of just one mineral, the balance of the entire bodily activity can be thrown awry. A deficiency of one mineral may disrupt the entire chain of life, rendering other nutrients either useless or inefficient.

The mineral concept is not brought into play by the traditional medical community! Food manufacturers would have you believe that you only need a dozen or maybe 32 minerals or trace minerals when in fact the body require a minimum of 72 but for true balance requires 84 minerals and trace minerals in your system to balance and nourish your internal mechanisms that keep you alive and healthy!

To see a list of minerals and their body building jobs as well as find out what happens if they are not present in sufficient quantity go to

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Author Lena Sanchez, a retired Medical Office Nurse and Medical Office Consultant, took charge of her life in 1992 found healthy drug-free alternatives and pain relief from a multitude of health issues. Now committed to helping others do the same by educating on actually treating illness and disease rather than masking symptoms. Writes and publishes "Ask Lena Health Q & A"
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