The Powers of the Mind

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Your mind is a very powerful tool. The powers of the mind can create and destroy anything. Let’s start with proper breathing. The more air you breathe, the better your oxygen circulation will be. Oxygen is needed by both mind and body to function well. Deep breaths help people in both ways. First, it helps you calm down especially if you’re stressed out and two, it helps you to unwind for you to think better and clearer. If you feel tired, clear your mind first. Meditation helps a lot. Close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing. You will notice that a lot of things are popping in your head. Concentrate and bring yourself back to relax mode and after the whole meditation process is done, you will feel more relax and ready for the real task that you should be doing.

In these modern times, a supplement called Phosphotidyl Serine is a drug created to help develop and increase the power and the lucidity of the brain making it more active by boosting the rate of learning. It makes the cell within the brain communicate and allows cell growth inside the cortex. It has certain effects in our special receptors which specifically increases mind power. On the other hand, theres a natural approach on how you can boost your mind power. Theres a plant called Periwinkle plant. The plant extract is called as Vinpocetine which is known to help increase blood flow in our brain, improving the overall circulation coarse. This will help increase mental awareness and alertness. Mind power can be improve by having the right posture because the more you slouch the more you feel lazy. Sometimes people who slouches doesn’t really feel tired but because he/she had been slouching for quite a while now, he/she thinks that he/she had over worked already and feels tired in the end. In this situation, the powers of the mind is controlling the human action already, releasing negative energy.

The ability of the mind to control action is so great that it could be for the best or for the worse. The power of the mind gives people more than they expect. Positive thinking can help in many ways. First, it can boost your confidence and moral level. Two, it can change your entire life drastically. Three, it could bring happiness or sadness depending on your approach which is quite obvious is still within the control of your brain and fourth, make you miserable. Some people who have already mastered the powers of the mind can even control other people by the use of hypnosis. It simply means that this person has a very strong mind power that he/she can channel to the other person. Doctors often advice sick people to think positively and focus on happy thoughts because the powers of the mind can help lessen the suffering or pain that the patient is feeling. It has been said that mind wonders freely and are not limited to anything. It can imagine all it wants but be sure to take control of your thoughts. Since the mind wonders a lot it is necessary for you to be alert at all times. Make sure that you don’t do subconscious decision and actions. Decisions should be based from a conscious mind.

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