The Season Of Sweet Deception Begins "This Week"!

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The week of October 31st will most likely create havoc with illness at your house if you have not prepared... Not too late to live and learn!

Those little Trick or Treat darlings set the stage for immune system death, which makes for unhealthy people! In the next couple of weeks doctor's office, mainly pediatricians, will become very busy, within days after consuming those sweet treats! Sadly those who think they are doing the kids a favor go for sugar-free treats put them in more health danger.

Along with this All Hallows Eve holiday we have Autumn leaves falling meaning cooler weather and herein lie health dangers! The cold and flu season will be ramping up in just a few days of those two happenings. No, flu injections are not the answer!

I watched this trend during my twenty years in medical offices and we always prepared for the onslaught of calls that we knew would start! Just as we prepared for the patients illness, you too should prepare for germ warfare coming your way. That onslaught will lighten up just a tad but along comes the Thanksgiving foodfest - the next wave - almost gets better then Christmas and the germfest feasting that continues on through the New Year's celebrations. These holidays weaken even a strong immune system if you aren't careful!

The death of the immune system becomes more severely ill with each holiday merriment and parties and continues for several weeks after New Years.

These feasting holidays are fun but also dangerous to your health if you aren't careful! This also is the season of weight gain. One reason is over eating but the second is for those who think they will be good not
overeat or consuming sugar-free foods. Sugar-free is proving to be the biggest reason for weight gain as well as killing the immune system.

The beginning of these immune killing holidays start this week! The holidays of feasting begins with All Hallows Eve sweets and add to that the beginning of the Fall season that brings on humidity drops and more people stuck indoors together and germs building up ready to attack a weakened or dead immune system. The dryer cooler warmish air helps germs move and multiply more freely thereby making it risky to be in a room
full of people, if your immune system isn't strong!

It may not be too late to strengthen your immune system making you less of a target for those nasty bugs coming your way:


1. Stay away from those sugary and sugar-free treats on Halloween! If you eat those then get help to your digestive tract immediately by supplementing Balanced Probiotics. for several days! Eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables! No dairy (unless it is unpasteurized), no white flour products, no prepackaged processed foods in boxes or cans, eat a lot of fermented foods!

2. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest and exercise! Both extremely important to a healthy immune system and avoiding illness! A 10 minute
brisk sweat inducing walk after each meal works wonders to help boost the immune system!

3. Balance your body's minerals allowing your whole body to stay as healthy as possible. If you don't take mineral and vitamin supplements daily it's
a sure thing that you immune system is not prepared. Better explained if you read how
your body requires and utilizes minerals.

4. Learn how to keep your body germ proof and healthy the whole year round!

5. Starting today and throughout the holiday seasons you need to remove the stagnant toxic summer junk food from your liver and organs.

That can be done very simply or with difficulty. Here is a simple detoxing juice that is not only pleasant to taste but works to help do that, not the whole answer but the beginning step.

Detox juice drink.

cup wheatgrass or fresh parsley (wheatgrass is a sweeter taste.)
3 organic carrots
2 organic apples
2 stalks organic celery
1 organic beet with top

Wash ingredients and cut into small pieces for juicer.
Vita Mixer processor.
If using a juicer bunch up wheatgrass or parsley and push through the juicer with the aid of a carrot.

Then daily have a liquid or powder or capsule balanced mineral supplement along with a liquid or powder or capsule total meganutrient vitamins! Stay away from pill form of minerals or vitamins! The sewer plants in cities across America rake millions of pounds of undigested vitamin and mineral pills from their plant screens every month proving that the medical PDR is correct in reporting that you only absorb 10% to 20% of pill supplements.

* Drink only filtered/purified water, not reverse osmosis water. See Water Should Be Healthy

* Wash your hands and train your family to wash hands several times a day to prevent spreading germs! Stay away from Antibacterial hand sprays, cleaning or bathing products as they build MRSA bacteria that is even more life threatening! Germproofing your body isnt hard!

Have a healthy autumn holiday and winter and beyond!

About the Author

Author Lena Sanchez, a retired Medical Office Nurse and Medical Office Consultant, took charge of her life in 1992 found healthy drug-free alternatives and pain relief from a multitude of health issues. Now committed to helping others do the same by educating on actually treating illness and disease rather than masking symptoms. Writes and publishes "Lena's Health Nugget" free
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