CD Data Recovery - A Simple Procedure To Save Your Data

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It is accustomed to think of data recovery as something that has to do with restoring information of hard drives, cassettes, internal computer memory etc. Not any people pay attention to the fact that nowadays CD data recovery is a common practice, and can be done in many cases. Your CD in many cases will include valuable information that you can't just forget about, and the restoration of that data is vital. The process is at many times fast and easy, and requires some special software we'll talk about below.
But first, let's look at the possible causes for the data being corrupted on your CD-R, CD-RW, or DVD:

1. Virus attacks - though anti virus software is now present on almost every computer, some viruses still manage to spread. A few of them may cause damage to the files on your CD.

2. Lost drive letters - for example, When installing a new storage drive, your CD letter may be changed or lost

3. Lost partitions - due to magnetic field etc.

4. Configuration errors - happen in the configuration process, and surface afterwards.

5. Drive limitations that improperly read the files to the CD.

This makes the recovery of data on a CD often complicated, but rest assured that there is always hope for recovering your lost data.

Let's take a look at two solutions that are on the market today, that can help you solve your CD data recovery challenge:

Bad Copy Pro - This program will automatically rewrite the lost files back to the hard drive .It will recover missing or lost data from documents, images, and even applications you have on your CD. Bad Copy Pro is not expensive and comes with success rate of more than %80. It also does not overwrite the files on the CD, which often can cause problems.

Multi Data Rescue -this program is used by many experts to do their data recovery to their damaged CD's. This program is usable in the Windows interface and is considered to be very user friendly. It can be used to recover files from:

1. CDs and DVDs

2. Digital media

3. Memory cards

4. USB devices

These two programs are an example for good software that is out there to help you in your hour of need. There are many more solutions, of course, but these two will do to start with. The most important thing is to not give up when you do encounter a CD data recovery scenario. Put technology to the work and you may be surprised at the results you get, for a low price and time investment.

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