In Love of God

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You were nothing before your birth and will be nothing after your death. The period between your birth and death is your life which is a gift of God. From your head to toe, you owe everything to God and own nothing. You were nothing and God made you something so you must be grateful to Him all the time, day and night, and bow your head before Him in humble obedience.

At your birth, your parents gave you a name and an identity. But your real identity is your relationship with God. The more this relationship becomes strong the more you lose your individuality and become closer to God. You can win God’s love by loving Him selflessly from the core of your heart.

The more a person loves God, the more God loves him. This love affair keeps on growing till the person reaches at a point where he starts losing his own identity and surrenders himself unconditionally before God. A drop of rain water that fells in the river loses its identity and start flowing with the river water.

Some people worship God out of fear that they may be sent to hell for their misdeeds so they ask for His forgiveness. Some people worship God for seeking his favor in solving their worldly affairs and personal problems. A Sufi worships God not out of any fear or seeking any favor from him but for the sake of love only. His love for God is supreme, pure and selfless. A Sufi sacrifices everything in the name of God and establishes his relationship with God on the basis of pure love.

The heart is the center of your love of God. Make your heart the home of God. Fill your heart with love of human beings and the love of God. Do not leave any space in your heart for greed, hatred, selfishness and negativity. What God needs from you is love and only love. Worship God out of love and pray to God for seeking his love.

The spiritual journey of a person starts with the love of God. But this journey can only be started with the guidance of a Murshed (spiritual teacher). Without the help of Murshed no one can know the true meaning of love or can able to love God. Sometimes, only a glance of a Murshed can change the whole life of a person.

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