Photography 101 - 5 Great Photography Habits

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If you ever wanted to learn the trick to becoming a great hotographer, it involves establishing important habits that you do consistently. This gives you the opportunity to follow the steps of great photographers so you can start seeing results in your photographs. So, here are five important habits that you can start using right away.

Bracket Your Shots

Bracketing is simply the act of taking various exposures of the same picture. Any time you're taking pictures and the end result is important, you should bracket your shots by shooting one normal photo, then one below the recommended exposure as well as one above. This will give you more options for choosing the best picture and will also prevent over and under exposure. With digital photography, you never have to worry about burning your film so there is no reason not to bracket your shots.

Maintain Your Gear

A camera lens can give you a near-perfect representation of what you see through the lens but only if it is clean. Although you can always edit your pictures using a photo editor, it is always best if you properly clean your gear before you shoot. And don't forget to always protect your photo gear in a case you can help prevent dust and accidental damage to your equipment. And always remember to charge your battery!

Tell a Story

One of the key differences between a good picture and a great photograph is that a photograph has a story to tell. Every shot you take should convey some sort of narrative with a beginning, middle, and end. Although this may seem hard to do, once you get the hang of it, it's gets easier to do with every shot. When shooting a sequence of photographs, try to tie them all together with one theme; this will increase their emotional impact.

Get the Image Right in Your Camera

Professional photographers, for the most part, will agree that if you can do something in-camera instead of in the editing room, that's where you should do it. By learning how to work with your camera to get the results you want, you'll become a much better photographer than spending all your time editing. You should always think of photo editing as your safety net, only to be used if you've tried every other avenue.

Learn Your Craft

As with any other skill, if you want to become a better photographer you should do everything in your power to learn about your craft. This includes viewing the works of great photographers either online or in museums, shooting as much as possible to build up your camera time, and reading about or taking classes on photography. The more you know about what makes a photo really good, the more consistently you'll be able to take quality pictures. Additionally, join a photo club or website and take a look at their forums - there are always useful tips to be found in places like this.

There is no great mystery or untold secret to becoming a great photographer. As you get more comfortable with looking through the viewfinder, you'll get better at spotting scenes that will make great photographs. By using this five habits consistently and taking lots of pictures, you'll be able to reach this point a whole lot sooner. When it comes to photography, practice may not make you perfect but it will definitely make your pictures better.

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