What it Takes to Be a Working Mom

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Being a working mom can be a very stressful season in life. Not only does one have the demands of a nine to five job, but also the demands of home life. A working mom has to figure out how to juggle all of the above.

Maybe a woman has been a stay-at-home mom, and is looking at going back into the job market for any number of reasons. Let’s tackle some of the demands and some suggestions that have proven useful by other moms.

First, a working mom may need to give herself a break. This means she may need to ask for help, especially if she has been
at home with the kids and is now going back into the workforce.

There may be a sense of being overwhelmed with it all. Give yourself a break, and ask for help. That may include hiring a
weekly or bi-weekly housekeeper. There are many small businesses that cater to busy parents and can pre-make meals.

They make healthy meals, and many can cater to any food allergies a family member may have. These are great for late
nights when no one has time to cook, but still offers the family a healthy meal.

Another thing to look at is the resume. When was the last time it was updated? Even for women that are employed outside of the home, they should still check their resumes once a year. A lot can happen in a year.

Maybe there is more workload, or different responsibilities were given. Keeping an updated resume is important in case better job opportunities become available. There are resume services available that can keep resumes on file, update them when necessary, and help tailor the resume for the job being applied for.

If a woman is looking at rejoining the workforce, it helps to network. That may mean asking another working mom what she does and seeing if she knows of opportunities at her job. If not, she may know of another woman that could have some insight in other employment opportunities.

Either way, it is beneficial to start searching and talking to people because many times it comes down to who you know, as they say, especially if a change in career is what someone is looking for. Remember that this also takes time. It may take six months or more before someone finds their desired employment.

Another option for a working mom is telecommuting. More and more companies are offering this not just to women, but men as well. Companies are finding that, many times, it relieves stress of their employees and job performance increases.

This may be an option that is worth checking out. Even if it only means doing one’s job one day a week at home, it is one day at home and may help balance one’s job and home life out a little bit better.

Lastly, we cannot forget to mention internet or online employment. There are many companies that are now taking more
people out of the cubical and employing them in their homes. Hours tend to be much more flexible, and job performance has also increased in this area.

There are computer and internet requirements which are laid out in any job description. This can be a great way to get a
working woman more time at home, or a woman that is wanting to jump back into the workforce but still wants to be at home with the kids. This type of employment offers this kind of flexibility.

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