Why is My Computer Too Slow?

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As your computer gets older in time, it becomes prone to many problems, including runtime errors that can affect its speed. If you are asking yourself, "Why is my computer too slow?" you are actually doing the first step in fixing your computer problems. Once you recognize your computer's gradual slowdown, you can now set out the solutions you can do to help restore your computer to its original high-speed performance. Whether you are encountering
problems in opening dialog boxes offline or online, it is important that you address the problem right away.
Ignoring it may lead to bigger, irreversible problems later on.

Malware, spyware, and viruses are common reasons why a computer runs too slow. Some of the things that you may suffer from when these harmful elements are present in your system are the loss or difficult recovery of files, presence of annoying pop-ups that floods your screen every few seconds or minutes, and the inevitable slowdown of your computer. What you can do in order to rid your computer of these destructive elements that results in a computer too slow is to run a software package that is designed to detect and remove malware, spyware, and viruses. Sometimes, one software package is not enough; you might need a separate software package for killing malicious software, another for annihilating spyware, and a last one for destroying viruses. There are several software products that you can download and install on your computer free of charge; these are handy if you are on a budget or can't afford to spend on computer repairs.

Another common reason that results in a computer too slow is the lack of space in your main memory. This may be caused by a number of things, including the existence of too many background programs and unnecessary or unused files. To solve this problem, make it a habit to run a PC scan and perform defragmentation on your computer. You won't have to shell out anything for this; you can do this on your own without having to pay for an expert or software package to do it for you. As an added precaution, perform a registry cleanup on a regular basis. There are free software packages that are designed for organizing the registry and freeing up space; you can even make use of the schedule feature to mark dates so you can regularly clean up your registry.

Why is your computer too slow when connecting to the worldwide web? Experts believe that a computer that runs too slow may be the result of a couple of things, mainly problems in the hardware, problems in the software, or both. If the computer you own or are using has less than these requirements, it more likely to have a slow Internet connection: RAM memory 256MB, CPU 800MHZ, free hard drive space of 500MB, and 56K modem. However, if your computer meets the requirements mentioned, an upgrade, specifically a switch from dial up to DSL modem, is suggested in order to improve the speed of your Internet connection.

By following the tips given above, you won't have to wonder, "Why is my computer too slow?" anymore.

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