Business Gift Giving Guidelines

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The count down has begun. Every where you turn, someone will remind you of how many days there are left until the holidays, and exactly how many of those are for shopping - personal and professional.

Smart gift giving will help your company to build and maintain relationships. It's the perfect way to show appreciation for your clients. When you do it right, it will keep you in the their minds throughout the year.

Several years ago a vendor with whom I work gave me a mug during the holidays. Now you might be thinking, "Not another mug." Well, it's not just another mug. It is sleek, dark and professional looking. It is just the right size and shape to make it stand out from every other mug I have. I prefer it to all the others. Every time I use it, I notice the subtle, yet clear, logo of the company. That vendor gets my attention almost every business day.

If you want to send the gift that will create a lasting impression with your clients, consider these points:

Do some detective work. Find out about your client's hobbies and interests. Everybody on your list may not get the same thing. If you choose a food item, find out about allergies and special diets. Godiva chocolates are not going to be appreciated by the client who has spent the last six months on the South Beach Diet.

Make it a reminder. Find those items that will be used all year and will cause your client think of you on a regular basis, especially when there is a business opportunity. A colleague gave me a ballpoint pen with her company logo on it. I have lots of pens, but one day I dropped this one in my travel bag as I headed out of town. Half-way across the country, I pulled it out to make some notes, saw her logo and contact information; and because I had a few extra minutes right then, I called to talk about a project that I had been intending to discuss with her for months.

Shop now and send early so your gift does not get lost in the shuffle or arrive after your client has left for the holidays. Your corporate gift ought to be delivered no later than December 17th in case your client is taking the week off.

Don't limit your gifts to the people whose business you want. Remember everyone who helps you to be successful. People whom you pay for services and those who go beyond the call to help you deserve your special thanks.

Keep the goal in mind. The purpose of gift giving is to show appreciation and have people think of you when it's time to do business. It's also to express gratitude to those who support you. Call to say thank you and send notes that you have written by hand throughout the year.

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