Can I Work For A Small Business

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Working for a small business is very different than working for a large corporate entity. I have worked for both and they both have advantages and disadvantages and what you see as each of these, is really a personal aspect. What I like about an environment, you may dislike and vice versa. That is okay, that is what makes the world such a great place. It would be boring if we all liked the same things. Here are some things to consider if you have a big company background and are now looking to work for a small entrepreneur. It won't be the same, and as an entrepreneur, we want you to understand ahead of time what our work environment is like to ensure that you are aware of the environment you will be entering. True, not every small business operates in the same way, but there are some similarities that demand recognition for those wanting to leave the "corporate environment" for a small entrepreneurial one.

Multiple Hats. You will not wear just one hat. Small businesses normally do not have the luxury to have each person assigned to just one position. We multitask and we cover a variety of positions as there is usually not a full time demand for certain positions until your company has reached the level of expansion that demands it. These positions normally include Accounting, Human Resources, and IT.

Flexibility is key. If you are the type of personality that needs to have a very set schedule with very specific job activities, it will be unlikely you will flourish in an entrepreneurial environment. That is one of the key discussions I am with potential employees and continue to have through their employment. We are all part of the team and therefore we need to have flexibility to change focus with little notice. We don't have hundreds of people to draw from when someone is out sick or when a client has an emergency, we are limited in resources and therefore need to all ebb and flow with the constantly changing environment.

Open minded. You must have the ability to be open minded. Small businesses do things differently. We blaze our own trails and just because other's haven't done it this way, doesn't mean we won't. That is what create ingenuity in our world. We try to keep trying until we find the path that works for us. Watch out though…what we do today doesn't mean it will be what we do next week. We are constantly evolving and adapting to the ever changing environment that we exist in. It is okay for people to have different views and to express those views, but you also need to ensure there is a way to appreciate that other people see things differently. To graciously say, I appreciate your view and why you think that way, but

Change is inevitable. Things will change. We have the luxury and the need to change with our environment, our vision and our client's needs. So view change as an opportunity, not as a hindrance or a negative aspect. We want to be unique. We want to be memorable and that canonly happen by fulfilling the passion of true entrepreneurial spirit.

Communication is critical. In today's business environment, we are operating in a virtual environment. Therefore, communication is more critical than ever. I won't see you every day, so for me to know how things are going with your clientele, your world, can only happen in you regularly communicate with me. Does that mean I need to be copied on every email? Absolutely not. Just ensure I know enough to have a pulse on what is happening - we are still a team, and we have to work harder to ensure that communication doesn't wain.

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