Do You Know How To Strengthen the Majority of Your Immune System?

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Do you know where your Immune System is? Most people are unaware of how to keep a healthy immune system. Your Immune System is your illness and disease fighting army But if you don’t know where it is you cannot keep it strong!

If you have chronic constipation or diarrhea you can bet that most of your immune system is ill!

What kills 80% of your Immune System faster than anything?

a. Eating prepackaged, preprocessed, fast foods.
b. Taking prescription or over-the-counter medications
c. Consuming foods or drink with artificial and/or food dyes, preservatives, aspartame, Splenda, sucralose corn syrup.

Two parts to that 80% Immune System

Dr. Edward Howell, a medical doctor who began extensively researching digestive tract nearly 70 years ago discovered the true mechanism of the largest part of your immune system.

Part I; the stomach - just the beginning of your digestive tract and if you fail to give it proper nutrients it breaks down and that in turn weakens the rest of your digestive tract!

What does the stomach do and what does it require to be healthy?

Stomach begins the breakdown of foods put into your body and beginning the function of all organs and systems. To do that it requires it Digestive Enzymes, known as “food of life or death”!

If the stomach has sufficient digestive enzymes and mixes with the foods properly then the pulverized food moves on into the intestinal portion of the digestive tract. Once pulverized food is combined with good bacteria (Probiotics and fiber) you have 80% of a immune system
working properly!

At 45 years and beyond your body looses its ability to produce its enzymes, making it necessary to include them in your daily diet.

Digestive enzymes come from plant foods you eat or from the pancreas. It is known that more than 75% of people have a sluggish pancreas making it highly unlikely that you will garner any from that part of the body! Even if you did if you have ever taken antibiotics, antacids drink, bath or cook with city tap water or use fluoride containing water or products your pancreatic enzymes are worthless. So it requires at least 80% of each meal be raw, unprocessed plant foods!

But today’s modern processing and preserving techniques, such as boiling and pasteurization, destroy most of the enzymes that ever were in your food. Enzymes are also destroyed by exposure to air, exposure to light, alcohol consumption, temperatures over 118 degrees, caffeine, cigarette smoke, and prescription drugs. Parasites, pesticides, pollutants, ultra-violet radiation, and fluoridated water also destroy enzymes. This means that the majority of people are not getting sufficient digestive enzymes to keep their digestive tract healthy!

You should make very sure that you get enough enzymes and probiotics and fiber. Not doing so opens you to develop abdominal bloating, abdominal cramps, constipation, Crohn’s disease, colitis, diarrhea, eczema, heartburn, indigestion, IBS, psoriasis, vitiligo other skin rashes, and possibly even colon or stomach or pancreatic cancer!

Why are raw foods so good for your body? Raw foods are enzyme rich, and it is enzymes which actually do the "digesting" of food. Eating cooked food requires your body to make up for the lack of enzymes so that we can digest properly.

The lesson is clear: if you eat nothing but cooked food long-term, your body inevitably stores excessive amounts of fat, and you gain weight and develop < > degenerative diseases. If you eat raw whole food long-term, you stay sleek and slim and live a healthier life.

All fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are converted into glucose. Thus, the slower food processing that happens by supplemental enzymes has a profound impact on weight maintenance because excess glucose levels can be avoided.

Enzymes are critical to the body's ability to repair and maintain itself. Enzymes are in fact like little "tools" which are required in every chemical reaction in the body. The pancreas is the body's primary enzyme and hormone factory, but it has a limited production potential when the body's ability to produce enzymes declines to insufficiency, the body breaks down for good. The pancreas has a lot of demands on it, and it prioritizes its production of enzymes. Food enzymes are the highest priority, because the body has to quickly dispose of what is put into it.

How can we get the same benefits of raw foods while eating cooked foods? Dr. Edward Howell investigated this question and found that the right kind of enzyme supplements provided the same type of functioning as if the foods were enzyme rich. The solution to the problem is to find the right kind of enzyme supplements to take with cooked and processed food to compensate for the ones removed from cooking. Sadly not all enzymes sold are beneficial; therefore it is essential to make sure you purchase quality processed plant enzymes.

The Second step requires sufficient quality probiotics.

Taking enzymes with food helps digest that food while probiotics help the intestines distribute the nutrients throughout the body without discomfort and pain. The combination of taking digestive enzymes with food for proper digestion and an empty stomach, which helps clean the bloodstream and turns two negative situations into two positives, thus giving our natural protectors (pancreas, liver and immune system) back it's normal everyday job and repairing full strength protecting you from outside illnesses and disease.

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