Are You A Leader?

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In this world there are two kinds of people. You find leaders, who are few and far in between, and then there are followers who make up the vast majority of people in the world.

Leaders usually know where they are going, but the followers don't, because they are following. Now, I know that there is a debate about whether one is born a leader or whether one becomes one. I have a unique take on that.

I believe that everyone of us is born with the ability to become a leader, but whether one becomes a leader or not depends on what one chooses later in life.

Let me use an analogy to illustrate. We all agree that all woman are born with the ability to give birth and become a mother, but not everyone will become one. The same goes for being a father. Every male is born with the ability to become a father but not everyone will choose to become one.

What is the difference between a leader and a follower? A leader is someone who finds and goes his own way. A follower is someone who doesn't find his own way, but instead follows others.

To lead is to take responsibility. Firstly for yourself, your life (past and future), including your failures and mistakes. Secondly for those whose lives have been entrusted to you such as your family and others who crossed your paths.

A leader is not necessarily someone who is heading a big organization. Leaders can be found everywhere. You can be a leader in your home, your job, your church and your community.

Followers on the other hand, don't want to take responsibility. They are quick to criticize and find fault with almost everything. If they are not happy with the one organization or job they simply go somewhere else. They don't want to take any responsibility for anything.

What do you need to become a leader? You need courage, belief in yourself and your abilities and the knowledge that you can make a difference.

What are you? A leader or a follower? Are you who or what you want to be in life? If yes, then well done.

However, if not, what are you doing about it. Followers accept their situations and blame others. Leaders don't just accept their situations, they do something about it.

It is never too late to choose to become a leader.

Fact is: If you are not leading you are following somebody else. And since your leader is going his own way, you have no control over where he may lead you. The only way you can change where and how you are led is, when you take control. By doing that, you have in essence become a leader.

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