Battling Depression

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Depression strikes us when we least expect it. One minute you're as happy as can be, and then the next minute you're feeling down and don't understand why. Depression is sometimes embarrassing for us to admit to because admitting that you are depressed means that you are admitting that you have some sort of a “medical” problem that may or may not require the assistance or intervention of a third party such as a psychologist, licensed professional counselor (LPC) or psychiatrist.

There is no shame in being depressed as long as handle it in a healthy way. An example of handling depression in a healthy way is to seek out help for it. For starters, many people try to keep journals so that they have a way to document how they are feeling at a particular point in time. Additionally, journaling allows a person to be completely open and honest about how they feel without having to necessarily fear judgment from others. Today, there are more ways to practice journaling versus simply going out and buying a book to write in. For example, Live Journal is an online journaling program that allows its users to
keep their thoughts right on their computer, taking it with them wherever they go. This system also allows users the option to share their thoughts with other Live Journal users and/or the world.

Another method for battling depression is to find others who are in similar situations that you may be going through. If you don't feel comfortable physically meeting up with someone or a group of people, there are plenty of online groups and forums for discussion purposes that many find extremely helpful. In many of these online forums, users can log in and create a profile that is anonymous, or they can choose to open up to other users. In some cases, some people have so much in common that they eventually do end up meeting in person.

Unfortunately, we also live in a society in which prescription drugs are out of control. If you turn on the television and wait approximately five minutes or so, you'll eventually see a commercial for some sort of prescription drug related to a medical issue such as depression. For many people who feel that their depression is severe enough, prescription medication seems to be the only fix. However, what many people don't take into consideration is that prescription medication is just another way of avoiding the deeper issue at play- the underlying issue that is making you depressed to begin with.

The most effective way to overcome depression is to change the way that you think. Many people who struggle with depression are those whose mindset is negative. Being so negative all of the time can not only bring down how you feel; it can also bring down how others feel around you, and trust me when I say that no one wants to hang out with someone else who is constantly seeing the glass as “half empty”. On a similar note, talking about what is bothering you is the most effective means for overcoming depression because you may strike a chord with someone who has gone through the same situation or thought process that you are going through and can subsequently help you get through it.

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