Failure and Success

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How many times do you have to fail at something in order to succeed? Did you know that Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times while trying to invent the light bulb? He certainly had a "learn and do" attitude! He was able to turn each failed experiment into a successful way not to invent the light bulb. So what can we learn from this? You can adopt the `fail forward' strategy too.

In reality, none of us are failures. It's true, we will experience times of defeat, setbacks, problems, and adversity, but remember, each one of us is meant to succeed in life, it is our destiny. However, we much choose our destiny. Henry David Thoreau said, "Men are born to succeed, not to fail."

We can never be forced into having a happy and successful life. Whether or not you experience success or failure is completely controlled by what you think and do. You are the only one who can choose the thoughts that will keep you from achieving the abundant life and joy that you are meant to have. No matter how difficult things may seem, say to yourself, "I choose to be a happy and successful person."

Why do some people get what they want and others fail? I believe that getting what you desire in life takes planning, it doesn't just happen by luck. So how do we plan for success?

It has been proven that successful people do things differently than unsuccessful people. They recognize the patterns of success and follow them; one of those patterns is planning. They plan what they think and do, which sets them apart. They now exactly what they desire, have an intelligent plan for getting it, and then work their plan. They know what success will cost them in terms of time, energy, and results, and they devote the right resources toward making their plans happen.

So, we need to learn how to plan for success.

There have been reports of many people who have won the lottery jackpot, enjoyed luxuries for a short period of time, and then eventually gone back to their original level of poverty. Why? I believe it's because they didn't know how to plan for continued success. No one can predictably keep winning the lottery. Those who try and rely on luck for their success, lose it all and go back to where they started. Success does not like the gambler or heavy risk-taker.

Be truthful with yourself and admit where you might be coming up short. Once you identify the contrast of what's not working, you'll get clear about what it is you desire. This will trigger a winning attitude that will start you racing toward a life that will surely be as successful as
your desire and motivation to make it that way! It will happen!

1) Decide on what you desire and write it down.
2) Determine the amount of time that you want to complete the goal.
3) Identify obstacles that must be overcome in order to achieve the goal.
4) Identify the resources (knowledge, skills, people, money, etc.) you have available.
5) Write out an action plan of the tasks to achieve the goal within the allotted time frame.

Know how to motivate yourself to obtain the success you desire. Learn to overcome the failures. Build passion by doing what you love to do. Become a proactive thinker – rewards will follow!

You only have one life, make it a good one!

About the Author:

Cheryl Vallejos is CEO and President of Endorse Success, where she works with business and personal clients who wish to advance their careers, meet business and personal goals, and start or expand their businesses. Cheryl is a Certified Professional Business Leader, Coach and Consultant. She provides a leadership community for business professionals who want to improve their business success. Cheryl is an author of four books: Injecting The Juice Into Leadership, Low Carb Leadership, Discover the Golden Nuggets of Leadership, Budgeting for Current Times.

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