How to Communicate Better with Superior Listening Skills

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From early on in school we have been taught that listening skills are an important part of how to communicate. It is natural for humans to use listening skills to build communication skills.

Babies learn to speak through listening. We learn about things we do not know about through listening. So having effective listening skills can make you able to communicate better. You can learn how to communicate better through listening skills if you know the basics about listening.

The following four sections explain the key points to being a good listener and why they are important to communication.

1. Use body language to show you are listening.

Not only will body language show you are listening, but it will also help you to listen better. If you move closer you can hear better and not be distracted as easily. If you maintain eye contact you will be less likely to be distracted by something you see around you.

Also avoid fidgeting as this can show your lack of interest or that you are getting bored.

2. Repeating back parts of what someone has said to you shows them you listened.

It also helps you to comprehend what was said better. If you misunderstood this will let the speaker know and then it can be clarified. You also show you are interested by taking their words and repeating them back. It shows you were really focused on what they said.

3. Focus on the person speaking.

You should be giving you undivided attention to the person speaking. This means you are not looking for something in your purse, glancing around the room or doing some other task during a conversation.

If you are even slightly distracted you may miss something the person says or be at risk of misunderstanding them.

4. Do not interrupt the person speaking.

You should hear the other person out and wait for a break in the conversation to ask questions or express your point of view. Interrupting only shows you are more interested in your own thoughts than theirs.

These tips basically cover the ways to be a good listener. There are various takes on what is required to be a good listener. Some qualities vary depending on the situation you are in. These tips are based for those in a casual situation, such as at a party.

You should always do your best to be a good listener. If someone knows you never really listen then they will be less likely to want to talk to you again.

Try not to ignore what is said and show your interest and your listening skills will come across. Knowing how to communicate better through listening skills will make you an overall better comunicator and someone people want to talk to.

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