Impress Yourself!

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Do you find feeling good about yourself difficult? You may have learned to talk badly to yourself, or you may have let criticism stop you from trying anything new. So you find yourself in a rut, doing nothing, wishing for something better.

But there is one sure fire way to lift your spirits and help you start on the path of feeling the sense of accomplishment and pride in your life again.

IMPRESS YOURSELF! Do something that can make you say, "Yea me! Look what I did!" .It doesn't need to be anything big - maybe you could.

Organize your space
Fix the leaky toilet
Create a new project-painting, gardening, a hobby
Finish an old project
Clean out your office/garage/basement/closet
Challenge your fitness level
Try a new recipe
Teach someone something you know.

Feeling proud of yourself or your accomplishment is not the same as being arrogant and full of pride. Those feelings make you resistant to change. Feeling proud of what you can accomplish makes you accepting of change. You admire it as a piece of yourself, as part of who you are.

If you're finding it difficult to conjure up the idea of "Yea me!", think back to the last time that you Impressed Yourself. It may have been getting an A on a test in college or high school. Or hitting the walk-off home run for the team championship. Or saving enough money to buy a house. Or teaching your daughter to ride a bike. Or finishing a project.

What was it?

Think of one or two times when you felt this way. Feel that feeling again. Remember how good it felt to believe in yourself, and experience SUCCESS.

It doesn't matter what other people think of it, as long as you IMPRESS YOURSELF!

Actively seek out something that you can do, and do it. It doesn't matter what it is. You certainly don't have to find the cure for cancer to impress yourself. I once was quite impressed with myself simply because I turned down Double Delight Chocolate Cake. It's the small things in daily life that give you the sense of accomplishment and pride.

The joy of living will return to your life when you impress yourself. You will feel accomplished, and whole, and full of passion. Because if you impress yourself - without arrogance -- you will definitely impress other people too.

About the Author:

Kathy Gates, Professional Life Coach, believes that "Life Rewards Action". She helps people set priorities and goals, take actions, make changes, and reshape their lives. Visit, email Kathy@..., or call 480.998.5843

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