It's Your Journey, Decide How It's Going To Turn Out

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Throughout life we all have our ups and downs. We all struggle from time to time and experience pain and failure in one form or another. And although most everyone has heard the phrase, stop and smell the roses, most people never do it. They either don't feel they have the time or they don't understand how that will help them.

Many people struggle to get through the day, none the less live life to the fullest. It's a constant battle to be and stay happy. And at times it seems like it's more of a job than a way of life. It doesn't have to be that way.

You have the ability to enjoy the journey you've been given. You have the power to make the movie of life an adventure to remember. And you have what it takes to share the joys and pleasures of life with others around you.

But how? How can you be happy if you're struggling and suffering and failing and disappointed with life? It's a choice that you make. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, it really is simple.

But most people don't even realize that they're not living their life to the fullest. They are trying to get by and missing the journey. Although they may have family and friends and attend all the events around them they still are missing something in life.

The sad part is that it's not until the end of their journey that they realize that they were too busy to enjoy the good things life had to offer. They take a look back and think, "Look at the things that I missed. I should have made it a point to enjoy more of life. I should have made it my goal to enjoy the blessings I had sitting right in front of me. And now it's too late."

You don't want to make it to the end of your journey before you realize this, do you? Then stop and smell the roses. They are waiting for you.

Life isn't about the struggles and the strife. It's about the journey. It's about the memories that are made when you're simply enjoying the life you've been given. It's about looking back and knowing that you did your best and that's all that matters. It's about waking up each day
knowing that you have to go to a job that you may not like, but deciding to put a smile on your face and look for the good parts in every day.

Whether you have abundant wealth or you struggle to make ends meet doesn't matter in the big picture of life. They are simply moments in time. It's what you do with the moments that make the biggest difference.

You can decide to be upset at the things you stumble over or you can decide to see the blessings that you've been given. You can decide to sit in a safe corner and get by or you can decide to stand up and be proud of yourself and live every second you've been given. The choice is yours.

So, if you want to really experience life then do it. Decide that today is the first day of the rest of your life and enjoy the experiences of living. Decide that instead of always being along for the ride that you're going to sit in the driver's seat of your life and experience life the way it was meant to be.

About the Author:

Tammy Matthews, the author of A Change of Pace, invites you to stop and smell the roses and get in the driver's seat of life. To discover how easy it is to enjoy the journey of life. Click the link below to claim your Free Report on Living The Life Of Your Dreams.

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Very good article

Very good article.