Quit Your Bad Habits Now!

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An Article by the Editor

There is no better time than today if you want to quit your bad habits. Don’t wait till tomorrow. Quitting your bad habits is a very tricky business. Either you quit your bad habits in one stroke or keep on living with the devil all your life.

On the surface you might want to quit your bad habits but in reality you love your bad habits. If you are in love with your bad habits then never think of quitting. A woman told me that she is in love with the Marlboro Man (cigarettes) for the last fifty years. She is satisfied with her habit of smoking and never thinks of quitting.

If you honestly want to get rid of your bad habits then there is a simple solution:

1. Admit that you have some bad habits that you need to quit. (Make a list of your bad habits).

2. Realize that your bad habits are hurting your health, family life or hampering your success. (Write down the damage done by your bad habits).

3. Decide to quit your bad habits now. Cross the list of your bad habits with one stroke of your pen. (If you want to postpone till tomorrow then it means that you love your bad habits and do not want to quit).

If you work on the above formula, it will take less than five minutes to get rid of all the junk within you. That can be the turning point of your life. This can be possible only if you are very much positively tuned to take any action for your betterment. .

If you are in love with your weaknesses and want to live like that then it’s upto you. No one can put you on the path of success if you have decided to become a failed person.

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