Success Through Recognizing Failure

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In the U.S. education system the goal is to leave no one behind. As a result a great many graduates have never been allowed to fail. This isn't because they are actually skilled or talented. It is because the system doesn't allow for failure. Without having a chance to fail, these students are deprived of one of the most powerful ways of learning. Without having a chance to fail, students are taught to avoid failure which means they avoid risk. Teaching students to avoid risk teaches them to avoid the very thing that can make them successful later on in life.

As a result many adults don't know how to react to failure in their own life. They have learned from a young age to avoid failure and to try to ignore it when it occurs. They have learned that failure can just be swept aside and not dealt with or reflected upon. Recognizing failure is one of the best ways to grow. If you ignore your failures, it is unlikely that you will ever be able to develop the skills necessary to make up for your deficiencies.

By recognizing your failures, you are better able to understand yourself. Also by treating each and every failure as a learning experience, you can make failure a positive experience. This doesn't mean that you will want to fail, but by turning failure into something good, you can reduce the pain of failure.

Since many individuals avoid action because they are afraid of failure, taking steps toward minimizing your fear of failure can give you an advantage over others who have not learned to benefit from their mistakes. Fear of failure is one of the biggest reasons people don't strive for greatness. By recognizing that failure is just part of the learning process, individuals can overcome one of the biggest roadblocks to success.

Risk is a natural part of success. Risk doesn't mean doing something stupid. Risk means attempting something that stretches you beyond what you know you can succeed at. This type of risk helps you to grow. By developing a healthy attitude toward failure, the fear of risk is lowered which encourages people to attempt things that will contribute to their success.

Take the time to recognize all of your failures. Don't simply gloss over them. Take the time to reflect on what went wrong and how you could have handled the situation differently. By doing this you will be able to grow in a way that many individuals avoid. This growth can set you apart from the average person and turn your failures into successes in the future. Failures are inevitable, but you have a choice on what you do with the failure. You can let it destroy you or use it as a springboard to make yourself stronger than before.

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