The Last Day

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Her husband came back to life! Well, al­most...Herlinda Estrada, from Baytown, Texas, was called to the hospital to identify the body of her husband. Jose had gone for a jog that day. But co­incidentally, another jogger along the same trail collapsed and died of a heart attack. The victim was taken to the nearby hospital where authorities found a car key in his pocket, but no identifica­tion. They took the key back to a parking lot near the jogging trail and tried it in the doors of Gen­eral Motors cars until they found a fit -- coincidentally, in Jose Es­trada's truck! (It wasn't until later that they tested the key in the car of the deceased jogger.) After checking the truck's registration they called Jose's wife and asked her to come to the hospital to posi­tively identify her hus­band.

A sheet covered the jogger's body, a tube snaked from his mouth and his eyes were taped shut. In her distraught condition, Herlinda assumed the body was that of her husband. Even the clothes he had worn looked like Jose's. She signed the death certificate and joined other grieving members of her family in a hospital waiting room.

Meanwhile, Jose, alive and well, finished his jog and drove home. He received a call from a friend who, when she heard his voice, exclaimed, "Jose! You're not dead! They said you were dead!"

He raced to the hospital and, to the aston­ishment of his grieving family, strode into the waiting room! Herlinda clung to him and laughed and cried, all at the same time. After a while she said, "Jose, if you ever die on me again, I'll kill you my­self."

She was never so grateful for her husband until she thought she had lost him. I can't help but think what life might be like if every day were lived in the awesome awareness that the people we love are temporary gifts. Would we feel grateful just to be close to them?

Try living today as if this were your last day with those you love. It just may be...overwhelm­ing! And worth doing again!

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