True Life Success Secrets: The True Meaning Of Success

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Success is about more than money and being number one. If you're the top executive in a company does that mean you're successful? Not necessarily. If you have money does it make you successful? If you won $30 million in the lottery would you be successful? No! The money may change the way you live, but success will change your life forever.

For years I struggled with this. I worked 60 hours a week trying to gain success or what I thought success was. One evening I was discussing my future plans, my business plans and life in general with my mentor.

He said, "If you're working for the money, then you will never have true success." And while I was dumbfounded by the statement I knew that I had to figure out what he meant.

A few days later I was watching a video and I Got It!! True success really isn't about money or titles or how far up the ladder you can climb. It's not about how big your house is or what kind of car you drive or the clothes that you wear.

What I had been doing was all wrong. I was working on a project to earn enough annual income to build a house on my dad's farm and to be financially free. I really thought that would make me successful. And when I was told that wasn't what success was all about I was lost.

The truth is true success doesn't normally come from something you did that you benefited from. It comes from something you did that others benefited from. This is where true success is realized in your life.

Success comes in that moment when you realize that your future is limitless. It's a feeling of knowing that you are making a difference in people's lives. It's that moment when you say, "Yes, I did it." It's that moment where you don't need anyone to pat you on the back, because you realize that the sky is the limit and you are unstoppable.

It's a feeling like no other. It's that moment when you realize that the game is over and you win. It's when you realize that your fear of failure is gone and your mind is free to create success again and again. And once you've had that experience it empowers you and inspires you to do even more.

It's like the clouds open up and the sun shines through and the most beautiful rainbow streams across the sky. It's like you've been given the keys to the universe. It's like your energy and enthusiasm for life are increased a thousand times.

Now that your understanding of success is more clear and you have a better idea of what it will feel like, get started immediately to create true success in your life. Start with small steps and watch how quickly success can flow into your life.

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Tammy Matthews, the author of The Positive Life Project invites you to learn more about creating true happiness and success in your life. If you found the information in this article helpful and are ready to make a lasting change in your life click the link below to claim your Free Report on Living The Life Of Your Dreams.

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