Two Minute Meditation Quickie

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How long can you go without speaking?

How long can you go without THINKING?

Can you look at an object and not say in your mind what it is?

Practice the Meditation technique below for two weeks. After the two weeks are up ask yourself the same questions.

How long can you now go without thinking?

Can you look at an object and not identify it?

My guess is that you will be able to go much longer without thinking and are starting to realize the uselessness and waste of time of mentally identifying everything you touch see and hear.

I will guarantee that you will experience more insight in two weeks then you may have experienced your entire life.

Here is a meditation technique you can do almost anywhere and almost anytime you have a few spare minutes and are not actively involved in anything that can cause you harm. This exercise will help train your mind to quiet down and open up a channel to your subconscious, where most of your progress and growth resides. As you try this exercise you may find that you can only do it for several seconds at a time. That is normal. Try and increase the length of this meditation a little bit each time you try it. As with anything practice makes perfect.

Start by taking several deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

1. Breathe as a baby would, by filling your abdomen with air so that it protrudes outward. This will be a trigger for all your future meditations. This is a way to tell your body and mind that it is time to relax.

2. Feel the clothes on your body. Feel the pressure they place on your skin. Feel the glasses on your face, feel the shoes on your feet.

3. Listen to the sounds all around you. Listen to the birds chirping, children playing, cars driving, airplanes flying. Listen to all the sounds in your environment. Don't think about the sounds just listen to them.

4. Pay attention to any smells you notice. Sweet, pungent, offensive or aromatic. Just experience the smells and don't think about them.

5. If you are walking pay special attention to the sound your feet make as they contact the ground.

6. Notice everything in your field of vision. Don't identify what you see just notice everything in your field of vision. If you see a tree don't say tree in your mind. Just observe.

7. Try and hold as many sensory impressions as you can without thinking about them. The more you can focus on at one time the greater your experience will be.

At first this will be difficult for you to do but with time you will get better at sensing your environment. This exercise will help to silence the endless amount of thoughts you have running through your mind.

You will begin to tap into your subconscious mind and begin to experience the world as it really is. Not what your mind is constantly telling you it is. Not what you have been conditioned to believe it is.

Here is your chance to experience reality as it really is. Here is your chance to expand your mind and break free from all your self-limiting thought patterns. You will awaken your multi dimensional consciousness and realize the true powerful being that you truly are.

Be forewarned, this will produce profound effects. Do not be frightened. You are beginning to lift the veil of illusion that has clouded your mind since birth.

About The Author:

Kevin has studied many forms of meditation and recommends following the procedure in this article for the
fastest results. You can find more tips and techniques at My Chakra Meditation Lens Here's another great meditation technique using magnets to intensify your Chi Development

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