When You’re Being Criticized: What to Do

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Here is the harsh reality about life: you can never please everyone. There will be one, two, or even a multitude of people who are going to criticize you. The negative feedback is fine, really, if it forces you to change yourself for the better. They become something you should be scared about if they change your character for the worst. You become depressed, anxious, and uncertain about yourself.

Is there a way to manage criticisms more effectively? Yes, there are. Here are some of them:

Listen to them properly. Then ask yourself the question, “Can their criticisms be validated? Is there some truth to them?” Most of all, “Can I be a better person because of them?” Is the answer is no to all of the questions, then there is no need for you take them in.

Determine the motivation of the feedback. Why are you being criticized in the first place? If someone calls you lazy because you have not been keeping track of your responsibilities, then there may be some truth to it no matter how harsh the criticism can be. However, if it comes from a person who does not know, does not care about you, or worse does not really like you, then there is a good chance that the criticism has just been given to spite you.

Open yourself to the possibility of mistakes. You may be getting negative feedback because you’ve committed the mistakes yourself. Now don’t be too harsh on yourself. Everybody goes through that. If it’s any consolation, many do make bigger and more mistakes than you do. Just learn from the experience and move on.

Stay cool. There will be hundreds of criticisms that will hit you in the nerve, making you feel very stressed and angry. You really don’t want these negative emotions to ruin your life. As much as possible, keep your temper in check.

You can do meditations when you’re feeling blood boiling. Take long deep breaths. Allow the air to occupy your lungs. Then breathe out through your mouth slowly. While you’re doing that, you can also say subliminal messages like “I can be a better person” or “My mistakes don’t define me” or “I won’t let bad judgment get into my head.” These subliminal messages can definitely help improve your mood, making you less stressed and much happier.

Learn to practice rationalization. Rationalize every criticism you’re going to hear, and allow those that will do no good to you, such as causing you undue stress and pain, to just fall into deaf ears.

Allow yourself to wallow then move on. If it makes you feel a lot better, cry and grieve over them. However, you should promise yourself that once you’re done with the crying, you will never look back into the criticisms and pain you’ve felt and just do your best to make yourself a better version.

You cannot control what other people are going to say about you, but you can definitely do something to soften the blow.

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