Where To Find Happy People!

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Happy people are found taking their children or grandchildren to the park. You’ll see them pushing the kids on the swings, and kicking a football back and forward.

You’ll find happy people with their family, preparing a picnic lunch by the lake, and throwing bread to the ducks and geese.

You’ll see happy people every day working in their garden, enjoying the satisfaction of creating a miracle of colour and fragrance.

You will find happy people playing a violin. You’ll find them performing at their piano recital. You’ll find them playing a guitar or belting on the drums, in their garage with their friends, dreaming of the day their band is the greatest in the world.

You’ll find happy people learning tai-chi in the park before work each morning.

You’ll find happy people signing in the choir. And even in the shower, singing their favourite tunes. Anywhere you find singing, you’ll find happy people.

You’ll find happy people at the beach learning to surf. You’ll find them building sand castles, or working on their tan.

You’ll find happy people riding their bikes to work, rather than taking the car.

You’ll find them joining a knitting club, or taking up cross-stich, or scrap-booking.

Happy people can be seen every week arriving at the cricket, baseball, basketball, or football game, in anticipation of a great win for their team.

You’ll find happy people enjoying the solitude of meditation.

You’ll find happy people sitting to watch the sun set over the ocean, or waking early for a chicken and champagne breakfast as the sun rises to welcome another glorious day.

You will find happy people reading a book, or watching a movie or play.

You will find happy people writing their own life story, to share the joy of their life with the whole world.

You’ll find happy people sharing their lunch with someone who can’t afford any.

You will find happy people stopping their car to enjoy the sight of a field full of flowers.

You will find happy people helping others across the street, or giving their seat on the bus or train to someone else who needs it more. You’ll find happy people bending down to pick up something that someone else dropped, and returning it with a smile.

You will find happy people painting. Or sculpting! You’ll find them taking photographs.

You will find them sitting down at a new restaurant, and trying something they’ve never had before.

You will find happy people learning how to sail a yacht, or fly a plane. You’ll find them racing cars.

You will find happy people rising early in the morning, at the first alarm, jumping out of bed in anticipation of a new day full of excitement and challenges. Full of life!

And you’ll find one by looking in the mirror and smiling at yourself with love and gratitude. Whether you see them or not, they’re there. Waiting for you to get out and enjoy life.

Happiness is found in each and every moment when you really LIVE! So get out there now and face a new challenge. Experience something new and daring. Re-ignite those childhood dreams. You have been given the miracle of life. Use it to its fullest potential.

And be happy!

Lance Beggs

About The Author:

Lance Beggs is the author of the "How to be Happy Now" newsletter, and the soon to be released "How to be Happy Now" book. His mission is to help others live a life of meaning, love and happiness! Subscribe to his FREE Mini Course & ezine at http://www.HowToBeHappyNow.com

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