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No doubt, everyone wants to live a better life, a happy, healthy and successful life. But everyone is not taking the right steps to reach these goals.

If you keep on living your routine life then living a better life will remain a dream. You will never be able to achieve success in life. You should not expect any positive change in your life unless you decide to change yourself. You need to change your habits and living patterns to attract success and happiness in your life. All successful people follow strict rules and they do not compromise on this aspect.

Due to modern technology, we can now access information from around the world, twenty four hours a day. At any given time, we can contact friends and family wherever they happen to be and keep up with trends and ideas from all parts of the globe.

There is a downside, if we allow it to happen, and that is what we call information overload. I say if, because it really is up to the individual to decide how much information they need and what they want to do with it.

One of the biggest problems that people face is lack of motivation. Perhaps this is why America has the problem it has with obesity, etc. In any case, take the simple example of exercising. We know that it is good for us, yet so many of us experience excruciating difficulty in actually doing it! Even I am guilty of this charge. For example, I like to run; but about a month ago I was injured in a soccer game when a girl ran into my right knee, causing me to sprain it. The doctor informed me that I would have to take off a solid two weeks from exercise involving me knee.

Being under depression can destroy your entire life. It could mean leading your life towards a very chaotic path. Because of this, people who are currently struggling from this medical condition are desperate to find the most effective cure for it. They never desire to continue living with the condition. They want to be finally released from the ordeal and bring back the normalcy of their lives. It is for this reason that experts on the field of depression have higher demands compared today compared to the previous years.

To live is to risk. Risk-taking is as essential to life as breathing. It is the oxygen of such things as innovation, entrepreneurialism, leadership, wealth creation, and high adventure. Without risk, there can be no scientific progress, economic expansion, or community activism. At a more personal level, remove risk and there is no personal growth, career advancement, or spiritual development (faith, after all, is a big risk). Personally and collectively, all progress, advancement, and momentum depend on risk. Like air, it is both nourishing and life sustaining.

Have you encountered a time when you were in a traffic jam and was running late for an important meeting? Did you stay calm and focused? Or did your mind wander into the dark side of the impending consequences that may occur?

While attending a conference, I returned to my motel room late one evening. The overhead light outside my door was burned out and I had difficulty finding the keyhole. When I managed to open the door, I felt around the wall for a light switch. I found a plate where a switch was once installed...but no switch.

Not discouraged easily, I remembered spotting a lamp by the bed when I deposited my luggage earlier in the day. I found the bed in the dark and felt around until I found the lamp, but when I switched it on,
nothing happened! Now what?

"I can't make any money doing this."
"This is too good to be true."
"Maybe I just don't have what it takes to do this."
"I'm never going to figure this out."
"I guess I'm not going to find something I'm passionate about."

"I'm not sure any more that I really want to do this."

I've heard these doubts and many others from my clients as they follow their dreams, desires, and passions. Doubt seems to be a normal part of the busy human mind, one of Monkey Mind's favorite flavors.

Do you have thoughts that lead you to mistrust yourself, your vision, or your path?

Many of us have goals we want to accomplish. We set our intentions and forge the way, but the minute something discourages us or stands in our way, we get knocked off our horse and lose our momentum. We doubt ourselves and our goals, ultimately losing confidence in our abilities. With this decrease in confidence, we often end up making choices that are not in our best and highest good. We settle for second best because we are either desperate, impatient or don't believe we can do better.

Are you searching for ways to improve your conversation skills?

While engaging in conversations with friends and co-workers, how often do you feel that the other person has truly heard what you've said?

If you want to succeed in social settings, relationships, and business, one way to ensure your success is to be agreat listener.

There are a few simple rules you can follow to help you become a better listener, therefore enhancing your conversation skills.

1. Stop talking.