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There are times when others will treat you harshly even if you don´t deserve such treatment.

And the resulting lack of self-confidence is sometimes made worse by the way you talk to yourself...

It does no good to think negative thoughts about yourself and admonish yourself for "saying the wrong thing" to someone or feel that you've messed up again in your relationship with others.

This type of thinking only further reinforces the fact that you have little or no self-confidence.

You are someone special. You are smart. You are interesting and appealing to others.

One of the best personal attributes one can have is self-confidence. A positive relationship with others fosters a sense of self-worth that contributes to the image you have of yourself.

Even if you are shy and retiring, you can develop the self-confidence you need to propel you from obscurity into a place of honor within your circle of acquaintances.

Self-confidence can help you develop new friends, and may even help you get that promotion you want at work. Recent
research shows that supervisors value your attitude more than your actual knowledge about your job.

Stress is something that affects each person in a different way. Lots of people often think that stress is something that no one can do anything about. In fact, lots of people often succumb to stress because they believe that they can't change it. However, that is not the case. It is up to you to figure out how stress is going to affect you.


Winners are just ordinary people like all of us with average skills. What makes them winners is not their extraordinary abilities, hard work, or good luck but their ability of thinking, dreaming, acting and working like a winner. They become winners much before others notice and appreciate them.

What is Success?

What is your vision of life? Are you determined to live a great life? Are you prepared to take steps in the right direction in order to live the life of your dreams?

I am giving below some tips as to how you can live a great life by bringing more happiness, excitement, joy and success into your life.

Webster says that leadership is "the position or function of a leader; the ability to lead; an act or instance of leading, guidance, direction." Do you enjoy leading, guiding or directing? Do you look forward to making decisions that impact the lives of others? Would you rather give the responsibility for making choices to someone else? Most of us have been in a position of authority and all of us have met someone who possesses the qualities of an effective leader.

Some people seem to find it without much difficulty. For others, it is fleeting, even elusive. We all want it, though it means different things to everyone. But is there a secret to happiness? Everyone has a different idea of what happiness is for them, how about you?

Opportunities are the venues where people can try themselves, test themselves, better themselves, and even find themselves. The leader's job is to match the opportunity to the person and to help the person, and the organization, exploit the opportunity for all it's worth.

Being an open-door leader requires having an opportunity mindset, a significant shift from the more common threat-focused way of leading.

Maybe the guy in the cubicle next to you smacks his gum all day, or maybe he's a loud-talker. Could be your nemesis at work is constantly complaining and spewing negative comments. Whoever is bothering you at work can have the power to turn a good day into a bad one. Reclaim your sanity and find your workplace Zen with some tips on how to cope.

Is it them or you?

Know that public speaking is the number one human fear. So if you have ever been or are a bit nervous about giving presentations in public, realize you are not alone. Most people have the same problem.

In a survey from the Book of Lists, people were asked, "What are you most afraid of?" Public speaking was the number one answer. In fact, fear of death was sixth on the list. In other words, you are not alone.

So we congratulate you on taking the first step to improving yourself in this area. Let's talk about the Ten Tips and how they can begin to help you right away.