What is Success?

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Considering the word "success" conjures images of a life different from what you are experiencing now, does it not?

What images does success conjure for you? Wealth - a mansion; a beach house; vacation villas; luxury cars;
yachts; airplanes; first-class travel to exotic locales? Health - fit and trim; athletic; free of disease and capable of ensuring you stay that way? Influence - a profitable, prosperous, growing business; positions of status and stature on corporate boards or within your current company or organization; membership in exclusive clubs; money in the bank? Relationships - a great marriage or romantic bond; intimacy; happiness, well-adjusted, independent and prosperous children; financially comfortable and stable relatives - parents or siblings; admiration of friends and colleagues? Fame - through talent or achievement or celebrity? Enlightenment - complete knowledge of your purpose; and an unquestioned conviction you are on the right path? Freedom - from worry over financial issues and freedom to devote your time, energy and talents to what you love? How do you define "success" for you?

In this material society, success often means "things". That is, we equate prosperity to having more - more stuff: property, possessions, relationships, prestige. The interesting point here is, "having more" is what life is about. The irresistible force in every living thing desires to have more life. In an infinite universe there is no limit to life's expanse.

Success is many different things to different people. Success is always more, but it is not necessarily more
stuff. Success is the fullness of life. Success is our birthright, our potential our destiny. Every life is a life of promise. Every adventure is filled with potential. Success is recognizing that promise, fulfilling that potential. Success need not be grand, success need not be rich. Sometimes it manifests in a smile or a nod or a fleeting gesture. Success is realizing a moment of joy in the mayhem of existence. Success is connecting despite the forces that seek to divide. Success is simple and true.

If you were at the end of your life, looking back now, would you say you recognized the promise of this life? Did you avail yourself of the opportunities? Did you make the most of your circumstances? Did you nurture your talents and fulfill the purpose to which you were called?

No matter how you feel at this moment, realize there is no utility in regrets - the could-a, would-a, should-a are all behind you now. Though you might pine for wistful aspirations, the voyage never begins to "someday isle".

Thomas Carlyle once declared, "The courage we desire and prize we seek is not the courage to die decently, but to live fully."

Success does mean more -- more life. Success ultimately is a feeling - a feeling of joy. Choose to live your life
more abundantly - embrace moments of joy.

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