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Take Effective Actions to Solve a Problem

There are going to be times when you experience problems either in your personal or professional life. They may be few and far between or occur more often. You can choose whether to see these as problems that keep you stuck or opportunities for growth that you respond to. The opportunity for growth comes from being willing to apply a formula that brings about a solution. A formula that can be applied to many different situations.

Are You Committed or Just Interested?

I bet that there are a number of things you say you want in your life or career. I know I certainly have spouted off long lists at different times in my life. Perhaps you have said to yourself or out loud, I would like to:

* Be fitter and healthier

* Earn more money

* Have my professional life align with who I am and my values

* Start a business

* Write a book, paint, play music

* Create a beautiful atmosphere in my home environment

* Speak my truth

* Build wealth

* Cultivate more faith and trust/deeper spiritual life

* Be more adventurous

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