Lisa van den Berg

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Tired of Always Being Tired?

Do you often go to your Doctor complaining of one or more of the following ailments?

-I feel tired all the time
-I have no energy or stamina
-I can't concentrate and my memory is shot
-I've always got a cold or sore throat
-How come I'm developing allergies?
-I ache all over
-I can't seem to eat what I used to, without suffering painful indigestion

How does this affect your quality of life? Must make it pretty miserable to get up in the morning, right?


Do What You Love

Have you ever talked to someone about your favorite hobby?

The words just come tumbling out, don?t they?

You know - about how to do a double axel or the secret of painting the model the EXACT color of the original or what a beautiful blue the flower is. Your enthusiasm and love of the subject shows right through and infects the other person.

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