Ann Golden Egle

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Reach Higher!

Oftentimes we just don't want to hear it. Some of us surround ourselves with a solid wall to prevent it from penetrating while others actually seek it out. What is this mysterious 'it?' It's Feedback — observations and insights provided by people who care that help us grow into more tomorrow than we are today.

I often say to clients, friends and associates: "I wish you could see yourself the way others see you."


Do You Love You?

I so enjoy new clients who tell me: 'My spouse knows me better than I know myself." This tells me two things. First, they have chosen a life partner willing to dedicate time and intense effort to get to know who they are, and then fall in love with this person they've discovered. Second, my eager new client likely has self-discovery work in their future.

It Is Possible to Balance Your Work and Your Personal Life

According to a recent survey by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), 53% of business executives have not achieved a satisfactory work/life balance. 46% replied that their balance worsened in the past five years.

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