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Making Money While In School

Being a student is not a hindrance to make money. We have heard of so many stories about working students who ended up more successful than full time students. These part time students practiced good management and were able to work their way through college or were able to support family while still in school. Making money while in school is not just an option for the poor.

Vitamins In Food

These days, being an adult is no longer an excuse not to eat your vegetables. And if you're a pill-popping health buff, you probably know that food is still the best source of vitamins. So which foods should you stock on? Here are the different essential vitamins and the foods that are the best sources for each:

The Antioxidants

Writing A Cover Letter

When you apply for a professional job, you will need both a resume and a cover letter. While both of these are important in the job application process, it is the cover letter that your employer will see first. If your cover letter is not compelling, they will not want to turn to your resume. This is even the case if your resume was itself outstanding. For this reason you will want to do everything you can to make sure your cover letter is well-written. If you do not know how to properly write a cover letter read on as this article will explain what you need to do.

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