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How to Study for a Math Test: A practical action plan that will help you

When I was a student and teachers would say, "Study for your math test!" I would think, "How do I 'study' for a math test?" I now realize that 'study' is the wrong verb. You really need to 'practice' for a math test.

Math tests not only require you to KNOW material, they require you to know HOW TO DO something with that material. This shift requires a shift in your preparation. Unlike other tests, there is no way to prepare for a math test the night before. At that point, you either know the material or you don't, but there is no faking.

Laughter Makes the Workplace Lighter

Did you know that the average preschooler laughs or smiles 400 times a day? That number drops to 15 by the time people are 35 yrs. old. Isn't it amazing what stress and too much responsibility can do? So who says that work always has to be serious? Work environments where humor is encouraged, tend to be happier, less stressed and more productive. Incorporating humor into our jobs increases feelings of solidarity and cohesion amongst co-workers and provides a non-threatening medium through which an employee or employer can communicate with others.

From Ancient To Futuristic - Singapore Has It All


The home page of the official Singapore tourism site suggests that you'll "discover a world of unique contrasts" when visiting this island. Nothing could be truer! From ancient culture to modern luxury. from mystical old traditions to mind-blowing sci-fi exhibits in the Singapore Science Center, you'll find
plenty to see and do. Interested in the past? Present? Future? Singapore delivers enough unique entertainment for the entire family.

Jurong Bird Park


Who told you that? (nutrition and fitness myths)


There are many myths and misconceptions floating around. People unknowingly spread false information because they've heard others saying the same thing. It does get confusing because sometimes the so called experts are the ones spreading these untruths.Fat is bad.Carbs are the enemy. Be afraid. Be very afraid! Oh shut up! Here are some myths that science has cleared up.

The Essential Vitamins That Your Skin Need

Acne in teenagers is rarely caused by an excess of male hormones, the skin is just over-reacting to the normal amount. Doing so will gently absorb any excess oil from your face and help clear your skin. It may take several weeks for you to see results. This develops when your skin faces too much of heat and athletic equipments, roughness of cloths, etc. So it is better to wear cotton cloths in summer.

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